Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Working on the dreams


It has been awhile since I have written anything here on this new blog site of mine. I had good intentions on posting thoughts and ideas on a faithful and consistent basis, but life and opportunities keep rolling in like high tide and I can barely keep my head above water. It is a blessing to have this many opportunities. Life is never boring as I nurture and wait patiently for the young seedlings of opportunity to grow into a healthy money tree. If anyone can survive these challenging economic times then one will only prosper. And so, this is my mantra “faith and perseverance.”

I have 24 hours a day that I keep very full and all the while try to maintain a healthy family life and run my businesses and stay responsible. What little time I seem to have as of late, I try to convey ideas on canvas and there are many visions I have yet to express in this visual format. It is a wonderful feeling to get lost in the world of creativity and even better when a painting is complete that I feel proud of. This creates a sense of accomplishment and pride.

I have been painting a lot with my students and we learn and grow together. The old saying is true, a teacher can learn from their student. It is a two way street. I love teaching art it is a very rewarding career. I’m glad I was encouraged to take this path almost 2 years ago when my art teacher retired and moved to Texas and gave me his student base. Since then, I have grown it with referrals and some advertisement efforts. But referrals are the biggest contributor to the growth of my art business.

More than 5 years ago, I have been working on several book ideas. However, being scattered and busy it has been hard to stay focused. But nonetheless, over the years, I would add to the database of thoughts knowing one day I would sit down and organize all of the information I have been gathering.

Recently, February 2010 I decided to faithfully work on one of my book ideas with focus and attention. As of this blog posting I am over half way through the revising, cutting, organizing, researching phase and I continue to add new material. I set my first draft deadline for March 1st. I did not make it. I set a new deadline for April 1st, I will not make it. I admit it is just a bit frustrating. However, it is only because another opportunity came up for me early March. I had to do something. I had to make a decision and thus another delay. The opportunity is the gallery/studio space Art on the Lane. I currently share the space with two other talented artists, but for financial reasons, the other two artists wanted to walk and go to a co-op where rent was much less to teach their classes. Part of me was tempted to follow, but in the end, I decided instead I would keep the gallery open myself and produce a new more flourishing art co-op. I have experienced a few and I want to do it better by creating an environment that is positive and a win/win in terms of fairness and profitability for all involved. There are still a few more spots to fill.

I and my two fellow artists have been waiting for over a year now for the empty space next door to our gallery to be leased to a restaurant. Approximately 8 months ago it was secured by The Wild Vine Bistro. They were supposed to open up for business back in October but the town of Danville held them up due to permits, inspections and the waiting time is long unfortunately. They are now scheduled to open April 10th 2010. I feel this restaurant will bring life and exposure to our gallery. This is the reason I did not want to leave. So now, I am now the proud owner and manager of The Art on the Lane beginning May 1st. And until then I am busy preparing for the new opening day. I will share the space with many more artists to make it work financially and to help keep the gallery open longer hours to coincide with our new neighbor. I look forward to supporting my fellow artists while being able to also thrive and continue my art school in its same location.

I feel everyone has a book in them that they could write, because isn’t life just interesting! I know as I progress each day in my own life, a new page is being written each morning I awake.
I have a new draft deadline for my first book June 1st 2010. Until then I will keep my nose to the creative grindstone!