Friday, November 25, 2011

Hawaiian Puppy Love - New Painting

Original oil painting by artist Kathy McCartney 16x20
"Hawaiian Puppy Love"  (click on image to enlarge)
This image is now for sale in greeting card format!  You can personalize the blank card:

I also created a holiday card version "Have a very Maui Christmas and a Happy New Year" with holiday trim/border and card is blank inside but you can personalize it.  It is on sale here:

It has been awhile since I last posted a new painting.  I started this puppy painting idea with two young beginner students age 10.  I took them as far as I could.  When I work with young people I must be patient.  Young students in particular like to produce art quickly and that is okay.  In time when they master more skill they will also acquire more patience to focus on extra detail.  

Some paintings I start in class with my students and with certain works, I feel a connection to and want to polish the piece and add more details.  I feel compelled to go above and beyond the original inspiration or idea.  I made the cute pups into Hawaiian style pets at the beach!  Hawaii and tropical locations are colorful places.  I am attracted to the bright playful colors and it comes out in my work frequently.

I completed this painting November 23rd 2011 it is still wet.  It is a new original oil painting of two adorable Beagle puppies sitting high and dry on their owner's surf board.  Some owners in Hawaii like to dress their dogs in leis, sunglasses, and even Hawaiian print clothing!  I could not resist painting the characters I see on the beach.  My inspirations are gathered through various images and ideas that I combine to make my original art.  I also noted my symbol and message on the surfboard “Peace, Love, and Aloha.”  Let’s remember to emote these good feelings wherever we are in the world.  I love animals and it is fun for me to paint them.  I am available to do commissions of your pets.  Please just inquire.

The painting is now on sell in my Etsy store and for 1/2 off its regular price for at least the next 60 days.

Kathy McCartney