Monday, June 6, 2011

New Painting Just Completed. Rendition of "Tropical Jewel"

18"x24" my rendition of painting "Tropical Jewel"

Aloha All!

I have been busy teaching art classes.  It is a fun job to create with others.  It is rewarding to be a teacher especially when you see a student really get it and excel in their skill.  Some leave the class feeling very proud of their work.  It boosts ones confidence.  When you create art you are tapping into another part of yourself.  To get really good at anything it takes practice, practice, and more practice.  Then one day you will flow and painting becomes more intuitive.  For some it can take less than a year but for most it takes 3 to 10 years.  It all depends on the natural talent of the individual and how often they PRACTICE!

I just finished this painting in one of the classes I teach.  It is the second time I have painted it with students.  But I altered this rendition originally created by artist Steve Powers called "Tropical Jewel."  I call this one my second rendition because I sold the first one or earlier version I did last summer.

It is a beautiful place I wish to be so it is fun to paint it.  It is a way for me and my students to escape into another reality.  This place I do not know if it was inspired by a real place or not, but it is truly a Tropical Eden!

If you are looking for an art teacher please write or telephone me (see my websites for more details).  I teach oil painting classes to children and adults and teach just about any subject under the sun.  We work from photographs to create our own original ideas or do renditions of other artists' work we admire.  You name it, we'll paint it!

This rendition is listed for sale on my website for $700 US dollars, but I am discounting it to $399.00 US dollars on Etsy for a limited time or until October 6th 2011:

Keep yourself inspired!

Kathy McCartney