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"Life On Maui" interview with Steve Freid

The magic of synchronicity and playfulness can take you to special places if you are paying attention.  In 2011, I was paying attention.

One day I would plan my move from California to Hawaii. As a single working mother, I waited patiently for the signs. To keep my sanity and remain patient I dreamt about Maui; I immersed myself in books, videos, movies, and TV shows.  I was obsessed with it - this was my way of staying connected to the land of Aloha - a place my heart called home. I write about this in my novel “The Maui Magical Mystical Tour.”  Keeping my dreams in focus eventually led me to Maui.

Steve Freid host of "Life on Maui"
In July 2011, I discovered the Life on Maui Show hosted by Steven Freid on YouTube. I liked it. It offered the kinds of topics I hunger for: inspiration, spiritual teachings, the law of attraction and many more subjects. I enjoyed its informal, casual and beachy settings. I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to meet Steve when I am on Maui?

A year later in July 2012 I moved to Maui. The magic of the Internet guided me to my first home in the mystical Haiku jungle. One day while shopping at Mana natural foods store, I saw the Life on Maui guy – Steven Freid. I introduced myself to him and let him know how much I enjoyed his shows. We became friends, and here he is at Keawakapu Beach graciously sharing his life’s journey with us.

Kathy:  What has been your biggest inspirations that have led you to where you are today?

Steve:  I have always been a film and talk show buff. I grew up in a family of artists.  In our household, there was a great love of literature, film, music, and talk shows. We loved to discuss film and literature.  This love for film inspired me to start a small chain of video rental stores in Pennsylvania in the heyday; 1981 through 1994. I love the art form of movies. By owning the video stores I stayed connected to that love.

Kathy: Why did you decide to relocate to Maui?

Steve:  Before I settled on Maui, I had my eye on many places in the world.  I considered Byron Bay, Australia and a little island off Auckland, New Zealand called Waiheke.  I also thought of San Diego and South Florida. I traveled a lot to Jamaica; I loved it for its culture, music and the spirited, heartfelt people who were simple and beautiful. The food was wonderful too. I also checked out Costa Rica and Mexico, but none of these places fit me right.

I discovered Maui by tagging along with an ex girlfriend who was attending a conference. I spent 10 days on the island. My first blush on Maui was, oh my God this place is developed and full of strip malls.  I returned a year later and this time my feelings for Maui had flipped. I experienced it as a place with first world amenities and third world beauty! Maybe saying that is not politically correct but that is how it feels to me. Maui is the most beautiful, wonderful place in the world!

I moved to Maui 13 years ago just in time for the Maui Film Festival which takes place in June. I came with a clean slate. I had no relationship and no career in mind. I was open to all possibilities.
The first person I met on Maui was this very intuitive woman.  We quickly became friends and one day she said to me, you would be really good at hosting a talk show with your interests, personality and looks. She told me about the Akaku community access TV station and I followed up on it. There I met Bob Steiff and we collaborated on shows for two years. It was a perfect fit; I enjoyed being in front of the camera and he was masterful behind the camera.

Kathy: Do you believe in the Maui Magic?  And if so, what does it mean to you?

Steve:  Yes indeed, Kathy… this place is a place of magic; breathtaking and life-nurturing in every way! It is a small island yet so diverse in climate… from a day at the beach you can take a 40 minute drive 3000 feet up the mountain where you need to wear a sweater. You can hike into Haleakala’s volcanic crater or drive to rain forests and waterfalls. The different sides of the island hold different things. The south side, where I live now, has gorgeous stretches of beach and great hotels. The North Shore where I used to live has a more local culture and instant connection with the Maui family.

Kathy:  Paia is known for the hippy or Bohemian culture.  There are a lot of spiritual, intellectual and philosophical people.  Some don’t have much in the way of possessions, but it doesn’t seem to matter to them.

Steve:  That’s true. There are some people living alternative lifestyles.  I know this guy who lives 100% off the grid… no utilities, no water, no electricity.  He is a creative soul and makes instruments and sells them.  This is his lifestyle and how he chooses to live. A big part of Maui living is the openheartedness and instant connection. For example, Kathy, you saw me on the Internet and then moved to Maui and we meet at Mana Foods. That is instant connection!  You find yourself hugging people and having wonderful conversations even at Costco… that is part of the Maui Magic.  People here on Maui are not standoffish or overprotected, they are more laid back and approachable.  Something drops when you come here.  People become more accessible… that is the nature of this place.

Another thing I love about Maui is the idea that what you have is not a measure of who you are… and that is very meaningful to me.   You can be at the same party with a multimillionaire and someone who has very little and lives off the grid… and there’s no sense of judgment. WHO we are is more important… not what we HAVE. That is big part of the Maui Magic.

Steve Freid
After my 60th birthday, I left Maui for Thailand for a year and a half… I was seeking a relationship and the financial situation was more inviting there. I always wanted to try the “ex-pat” thing. Unfortunately, Thailand never felt like home to me. After giving it my very best shot, I came back to Maui. Upon landing here, I felt like kissing the ground because I knew this was home!. The only question was, how to find the kind of relationship I desired.  I continued to work on myself and did a lot of inner cleaning to open up a space for that to happen. Within six months, I met the love of my life, Radhe.  I have never experienced anything like it before … it was love at first sight!!

Kathy:  Do you ever wonder why you left Maui in search for love when all this time it was in your back yard.  A lot of people go searching far places for peace, joy, love etc. when many times it was always there.

Steve:  HaHa… Even Dorothy had to leave Kansas to find the answer!

Steve Freid and Harold Bloomfield
Kathy:  Who were the first celebrities that you interviewed?

Steve Freid and Joe Vitale
Steve:  I met my first national guest celebrity at the Maui Film Festival; David Welsh,  the producer of the movie the Peaceful Warrior.  I think it was my 6th show.  I really loved that interview.  He had worked with Hal Ashby, the man who directed some of my favorite movies: Harold and Maude, Being There and Coming Home with Jane Fonda.  He had great stories to tell.  I interviewed  Harold (Hari) Bloomfield, MD  - a psychiatrist and New York Times best-selling author who did a whole series of“Making Peace” books… with your parents, your past, yourself, God, etc.  Hari and I became best friends; we are like brothers.  I interviewed him twice; once about his fascinating life story, where he reveals his “dark night of the soul” for the first time publicly. And the second time about the goddess culture on Maui and even the Maui goddesses liked it… HaHa!  I interviewed John Demartini and Joe Vitale from the movie The Secret and wonderful best selling author Marianne Williamson who wrote “A Return to Love" and many other books. Those are some examples; there are plenty of others!

Steve Freid and Marianne Williamson
Kathy:  Two part question: what is your advice for someone who has a dream but feels stuck in life.  And  how did you meet your love Radhe.  How did you open your heart to create the space?  What kind of inner work did you do?

Steve:  Both are fundamental questions. What we want and who we want to be with! We all have gifts. I feel my gifts have to do with healing, entertainment, and communication.  One of my healing gifts was expressed as a professional hypnotherapist when I was 25, and later in life (after owning video stores) another healing gift was to be a massage therapist which I did for 10 years.  I became very successful quickly and worked in chiropractic offices and spas.  I had a thriving home-based practice and went to other people’s homes as well.
Steve Freid and John Demartini

And lastly, there is my passion for communication and entertainment; that is where the Life on Maui Show comes in.  So to answer your question… everybody has a gift. It is a matter of trusting it. We need to trust that gifts are given to us and the possibility for a livelihood comes with them.  We need to identify and cultivate these gifts and share them with others.

Steve Freid and Pali Summerlin
About relationships; we’ve all tried them in many forms… casual, serious, marriage, children, etc. And we’ve all had our disappointments. I have always been somebody who has done a lot of personal growth work.  I did all kinds of seminars and workshops that helped.  Four years ago I met Pali Summerlin. Her method has been very helpful in bringing light and clarity to my life and the lives of many others.  I've interviewed her twice.  Check out “Reclaim Your Attention From What Doesn't Work”, Life On Maui with Steven Freid   I really got in touch with what I wanted… a relationship that works beautifully at every level – body, mind and spirit. We are these beautiful, infinite beings walking around in these finite bodies and I feel it is our mission to get back to that simple truth.  We might call this our innocent child self. The essence of every religion has stated the same thing.  What is heaven?  Heaven is experiencing Peace, Love, Trust, Ease… our true nature! Another foundational influence in my life has been my life teacher, Prem Rawat, whom I met when I was 19.  He taught me what’s truly important in life and how to go within to find it!!  He is the first one to say “What you are looking for is within you” and I have been cultivating that practice my whole life. It’s that beautiful experience we desire… not in an egotistical sense, but by getting in touch with our authentic selves.

Radhe was also doing her part before we met. She was doing “inner cleaning” in her own ways. She was doing a lot of meditation, sun gazing, and inner transformation work.  So when we met, we were two beings who had done a lot of inner work.  When I saw her it was love at first sight… not lust at first sight, but love at first sight!  It was a body, mind, spirit experience and I got it, I really got it.  I was very transparent from the onset and I think that is very important. Being transparent does not mean being rude or being honest in a weird way, it just means being willing to be vulnerable; to be willing to be true to ourselves.  I put all my cards on the table and it worked in the best sense of the word.
Steve Freid and Radhe

My mother made a beautiful ring which I have been holding for 17 years. I knew one day I would give it to the woman of my dreams and I figured at the right time this special ring will fit her finger like Cinderella’s slipper. A year ago, I gave that special ring to Radhe as an engagement ring. It was perfect. We have been engaged for a year now. We don’t have any dates set, however, we are fully engaged; our connection feels complete. It is body, mind, and spirit.  In the past I sacrificed parts of that; we all have done that.  We think we have to settle.  This time there are no sacrifices for both of us … we have it all.  It's also been fun and creative for us to co-host the Life on Maui Show for the past year!

Kathy:  What was Radhe's clearing practice.

Steve: She is very inner driven.  I have tremendous respect for her in every which way.  She also has a guru that she met a number of years ago.  Watch my interview with her:  Bolivia to Brooklyn: Reinventing Myself - A Life Story.  Radhe’s clearing practice was through sitting meditation.  Sometimes she would meditate 4 to 5 hours a day. This was her path.  She had the time to do it; she created that time in her life.

There is a Byron Katie quote, “The worst thing that could ever happen to you is a thought.”  It is really true that people kill themselves over a thought.  We have all experienced that. These thoughts are sometimes our worst nightmares. In her meditations Radhe could recognize her thoughts and not identify with them.  She could separate herself from her thoughts so she could align herself with who she really is.

We all have negative thoughts and emotions.  Radhe would be the first to say that sometimes she would cry for an hour or two in the middle of her meditations releasing old emotional wounds and negative thinking and came to a peaceful place within her.  She had quite an intense childhood in Bolivia.

I am more of a communicator. Even though I meditate regularly and find lot of peace through that practice, it is not my way of processing as much as it is for her.  I like to process in dialogue… I like someone to process with. Ultimately she processes more within and I process more through interaction with her, trusted friends and confidants.  An important part of relationships is self acceptance and acceptance of others.  We all have different ways and there is no right way or wrong way.

 Kathy:  You look fit and young.  You never seem to age.  What keeps you healthy and youthful?

Steve:   Thank you for that.  I have a regiment I follow.  I meditate for at least an hour every day.  I have been doing this for 40 years and almost never miss a day. Here on Maui, I swim almost every day in the ocean.  I come to the beach after 3pm so I don’t get the hot sun. The water is so healing.  I feel that is a big part of what keeps me young.  Plus I have a great diet.  I have been a vegetarian for over 40 years. I eat very healthy and it’s not because I’m trying to eat healthy, I actually like eating this way.  I don’t have a propensity for junk food.  That said, I enjoy the occasional pizza or piece of cake.  I’d say 90 to 95% of my diet is really healthy and 75% of my diet is raw foods.  I start my day with a magnificent smoothie. First, I pulverize 2 tablespoons of whole flax seeds in a blender; then I add organic green vegetable juice, carrot juice, handfuls of kale, banana, pineapple, berry mix and a heaping teaspoon of Spirulina. I drink Yerba Mate too.  It is a South American beverage that is very good for the brain cells and loaded with antioxidants.  For dinner I have an enormous organic salad and a delicious cooked dish.

The four main things that keep me youthful are meditation, nature, diet… and being in love!!

Kathy:  To learn more about the Life on Maui Show, see the links below for a sampling of the programs and how to reach him:
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Artie Partie

Artie is a fellow owner at the Kihei Akahi Resort.  We are part-time neighbors.  When my vacation rental is vacant I like to do my staycations in Kihei.  I have seen Artie perform at some of our pool parties with other talented musicians who own at the Akahi.  We have a good group here.  Artie is positive and a lot of fun, perhaps it is because he is a "party" entertainer for a living.  He is a very interesting person and has lived a very interesting life.  I am happy to interview him for my blog.

Kathy:  How did you create your business being the "party man?"  When did this business start and tell us how it evolved into your career.

Artie:  I had worked for 4 city Recreation Departments as a Recreation Leader, (softball coach, swim team coach, playground leader, tennis instructor, adult sports coordinator, and day camp counsellor). In the summer of 1979, I was approached by the mother of one of the day campers, while working at the “Catskills West Day Camp” on the grounds of the Greystone Mansion, in Beverly Hills. She wanted someone to lifeguard her two sons and their buddies during a birthday party in their pool in Beverly Hills north of Sunset Blvd.  I took the job and brought games to play like water balloons, coins for swimming to the bottom of the shallow areas and relays.  I worked that job 4 hours.  She was very pleased and gave my name to 3 more parents.

The following year, I worked five birthday parties and started asking for more $$.  The Fall of 1980 I took on a partner, who was a Juggler, and refined my activities to 4 segments:  Guitar and Songs, Arts & Crafts, Parachute Games, and the Juggler. I began advertising in a parent magazine and grew the frequency and location of parties from 5 to 15 per month in a span of a year.  At that time, I was a Pre-school Teacher for the City of Beverly Hills .I was seeing kids 7 days a week. I started talking to my roommates like they were 5 years of age.

After five years of working with the juggler, we split up and I started working solo.  His juggling of machete’s too close to the audience scared the crap out of me. In 1982, I stopped the Arts & Crafts, put together a magic show, started making balloon animals, and kept the guitar and active game segments.  I learned magic tricks and juggling.  I was now doing an average of 25 parties per month and that year I performed 321 parties.  I had unlimited energy back then.

I took on some clown gigs that year to help increase the number of parties but also took a lot of horn honks and heckling from other drivers.

I had the pleasure of entertaining kids in hospitals as part of the “Starlight Foundation” program.

I performed in Southern California for 26 years. I’ve been performing here on Maui for 11 years.

Kathy:  Briefly share with us your life in California and your marriage to a Hollywood actress.  Was that relationship helpful with Hollywood connections that expanded your business to celebrity party gigs?  Tell us about some of those parties or most memorable moments.

Artie:  I was living in Venice, California in 1984.  I loved Venice.  Full of life, the boardwalk characters, bike path, beach, pier, restaurants, etc.

At that time, Rhea Perlman from “Cheers” saw me at a birthday party in Los Feliz. What a sweet lady!  She hired me 6 times to entertain her and Danny DeVito’s 3 children, and she paid me double each time. Soon I was meeting more celebrities and performing at their children’ parties.  My list includes: Tony Danza (4 gigs), Keifer Sutherland (3 gigs), Mark Harmon and Pam Dawber ( 2 gigs), Candice Bergen and Louis Mal, Chevy Chase, Robert Zemekis, Phoeff Sutton (at least 10 gigs), Michael Ovitz, and Jonathan Winters.

 Rhea got me in to see 3 tapings of “Cheers,” one of which was the 10th year show taping.  I got the chance to go down to the bar set and drink a real beer on tap, not the Martinelli’s they served during taping. They had a live band on the set, Rhea asked me to dance, I gladly accepted.

Rhea invited my wife and I (see below) to the DeVito’s 4th of July Party at their other home in Malibu.  Awesome party!  The best!  Among the guests were: Ted Dansen, Keifer Sutherland, Rob Reiner, Cher, Gregory Peck, Bebe Newirth, Faye Dunaway, and plenty of character actors that you’ve seen on TV and film.

In 1986, while performing at a birthday party at Griffith Park’s “Travel Town,” I met Jeanne Russell.  She is now a Chiropractor in Toluca Lake, CA. But as a child she played “Margaret Wade” of TVs “Dennis the Menace.” We married in 1987. Through her connections, I got to meet and become friends with Jay North (Dennis the Menace), Paul and Patty Peterson (Donna Reed Show), Jeanne’s brother Bryan Russell (Disney child actor), Jon Provost (Lassie), Tommy Rettig (Jeff’s Collie), Troy Donahue (film, “Hawaiian Eye” & “Surfside 6” TV. shows, and Tony Dow (Leave it to Beaver).

Kathy:  What brought you to Maui?  Maui calls many of us what was your wake up moment to relocate here.

Artie:  My now x-wife and I vacationed her on Maui one week per year for 12 years.  We lodged in Kahana and enjoyed that side of the island.  I started to get enchanted with the spirit of Aloha:  the people, the music, the ocean, the clean air, the land, the rainbows, the trade winds, and a more tranquil way of life . . . . . you get the picture!  Each visit, I purchased music CDs and took them back to California.  I listened to them repeatedly and started to learn some of the songs with guitar and their meanings.  My favorites ranged from The Ho’opi’i Brothers, Ray Kane, Braddah IZ, Dennis Pavao, to Hapa, Brother Nolan, Keola Beamer, and Raiatea Helm. I felt that Hawai’i was calling me home.

My wife and I started growing in different directions. We had been saying that we’d like to live on Maui.  But when it came down to making a decision about our dream, I was the one willing to make the dream come true. So, in 2005 I started to make plans to plant some seeds here.  She promised to follow if I became successful.  I did within three months, and she did not follow. So we ended our lives together as husband and wife, but we continue to be friends and stay in touch.

Kathy:  Any words of wisdom or inspiration you can share with our readers?  Who is your inspiration?

Artie:  I believe in “Mahalo Ke Akua!” Thanking God, or if one prefers the universe for all blessings.
 It’s so important to have an attitude of gratitude.  Hearts open up to me; doors of opportunity do as well.  I’m grateful for the gift of sharing joy with children as a profession.  One of the great pleasures of life is to enjoy your work.  And working as a children’s entertainer and exchanging laughter with keiki keeps me motivated to continue.

As far as comedy hero’s for inspiration, I never get tired of Curley Howard (the best of the Three Stooges), his physical comedy was fantastic.  Jackie Gleason is one of my all-time favorites.  Benny Hill was an absolute comedic genius. Standup comics Robin Williams, Richard Jeni, Rodney Dangerfield, Lewis Black, Damon Wayons, Gabriel Iglesias, and Ron White are at the top of my list of American Comics.  My favorite Hawai’ian comic is Rap Reiplinger, he could do so many characters in so many different situations.  My favorite skit is “The Auntie Marialani Cooking Show.” He can still crack me up after seeing it more than 15 times.

To reach Artie for your next party call him at 808-633-0956.  Visit his website for more details:  www.artiesparties.com

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Top 10 South Maui Beaches and More Hidden Gems

Top 10 South Maui Beaches

South Maui is blessed with sunshine and miles of sandy beaches. The southwestern coast is the dry side of Maui and the ideal place for lazy days basking in the sun and romantic evening strolls. With so many beaches to choose from, here are a few highlights of the most popular destinations.

1. Big Beach - http://mauiguidebook.com/beaches/makena-big-beach-oneloa/
Also known as Makena Beach and Oneloa Beach, Big Beach is quite impressive and a must-see spot. This beautiful and undeveloped sandy beach offers huge views and a large shore-break. Don’t miss it!

2. Little Beach - http://mauiguidebook.com/beaches/makena-little-beach/
If you’re looking for a place on Maui to bare it all, this is it! Considered a nude beach, it gets pretty crowded since the law is not enforced here and many visitors include it on their bucket list.

Wailea Beach is rated as one of the best beaches in the world. With it’s perfect sand and wide, open space, it draws a crowd and has a resort vibe. If you’re looking for beach perfection, this is the place for you.

4. Kama’ole Beach Park - http://mauiguidebook.com/beaches/kamaole-beach-park-aka-kam-kam-ii-kam-iii/
This popular set of beaches attracts locals and visitors alike. It boasts incredible views of Molokini, Kaho’olawe and Lana’i islands. With full facilities, lifeguards, picnic benches, trees and a family atmosphere, it’s perfect for a fun-filled beach day.

Kamaole Beach Park II
5. Keawakapu Beach - http://mauiguidebook.com/beaches/keawakapu-beach/
This .7 mile sandy beach runs to the end of Kihei and is perfect for any activity. With a fully developed shoreline, you’ll find plenty of beach homes, hotels, condos and restaurants and open beach space
 6. Polo Beach - http://mauiguidebook.com/beaches/polo-beach/
This beach is formed by a pair of beautiful sandy crescents. Here you’ll find the Polo Beach Club and the Fairmont Kea Lani hotel. The south end is usually less crowded since Kea Lani guests stay in the north end.

7. White Rock - http://mauiguidebook.com/beaches/palaue-beach-white-rock/
White Rock, also known as Palauea Beach, is not widely known so you won’t see many tourists.  If you do venture out here, you’ll mostly find locals and fishermen. If you want peace and quiet, this is the place to be.

8. Mokapu Beach - http://mauiguidebook.com/beaches/mokapu-beach-andaz-wailea/
This quarter-mile long pocket of sandy beach fronting the Andaz Wailea hotel is a great swimming hole and perfect for boogie boarding and snorkeling.

9. Ulua Beach - http://mauiguidebook.com/beaches/ulua-beach/ 
This beach is much more crowded than its counterpart Mokapu Beach. Known as a great snorkeling spot, it also offers good swimming and boogie boarding.


10. Po’olenalena Beach - http://mauiguidebook.com/beaches/poolenalena-beach/
This long sandy beach is also known as Paipu Beach. Until recently, it was mostly known by locals. Not only has it grown in popularity, it has become a favorite location for wedding ceremonies.


Here are some additional beaches to check out in South Maui:

 Secret Beach also known as Makena Cove - Is one of my personal favorites and it is not easy to find.  I wonder if that is how it got its nickname Secret Beach.  This is a popular beach to photograph  if you can find it.  It is a slice of heaven.

One’uli Black Sand Beach - http://mauiguidebook.com/beaches/oneuli-black-sand-beach-naupaka/ 
Also known as Naupaka Beach, this black sand beach is made up of ground lava. Covered in a blanket of thick, black sand, it is an excellent spot for snorkeling and diving.

— Cove Park - http://mauiguidebook.com/beaches/cove-park/ 

If you’ve always had the urge to surf and need a beginner’s course, you’ll find surf instructors ready to get you started on this beach. It’s located at the south point of Kalama Park and commonly used for beginner surf lessons.

— Kalepolepo Beach Park - http://mauiguidebook.com/beaches/kalepolepo-beach-park/

Located in North Kihei, this is a small but lovely beach. It’s out of the way and mostly enjoyed by those staying in the area. An important archaeological site, this beach park has historical significance with an ancient Hawaiian fishpond fronting the beach.

With so many options to choose from, your days in Maui should be filled with sunshine and fun-filled water activities. Whether it be snorkeling or learning how to surf, there is an abundance of beaches to explore and enjoy.

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Maui Vision Rental Commercial - Share the Aloha!

Aloha Friends and Past Guests!  

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Derick Yu
Click the link below to learn about one of our owners Derick Yu and his wife Jean. They own at the Kihei Akahi, unit C313. 

Derick wrote a book "Strength and Grace" which is about Ashtanga yoga.

Visit my blog and learn more about Derick's story and where to purchase his book.  

“The Maui Magical Mystical Tour”
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“The Maui Magical Mystical Tour” is a funny and moving spiritual story about a middle aged woman reinventing her life in the mystical Haiku Jungle of Maui.  Author and Artist Kathy McCartney, owner unit C618 at the Kihei Akahi Resort.

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"Kauai Bali Hai Once Upon a Time"  Metal art by artist
Kathy McCartney visit Maui Hands Gallery Paia, Maui

Kathy McCartney, Author-Artist
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Baldwin Beach Park Erosion - Save our Beaches

Baldwin Beached Mermaid
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Baldwin Beach Park is a place I return to often to keep my life in balance.  I need my beach time like many others who live here. There is an attraction to be near the ocean for its rejuvenating properties and natural beauty. Why be indoors in a gym to exercise when we have great weather year round on Maui. The best things in life are free.

Beautiful Baldwin Beach normal
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I live less than 20 minutes to this picturesque beach an artist dream location. It is one of my favorites on the island for its aqua blue water and white soft sand. The light blue ocean is constantly in motion along the beautiful shores of the West Maui Mountains with its dramatic entrance into the heart of Iao Valley. The mountain tip ends at the head of Kahakuloa.  It is an ideal place to relax, meditate and exercise. The long sandy beach makes it great for running and walking. It is a gathering place for the locals who come to meet their friends and bring their fur babies to socialize. This beach is for families that come together and play. At the far west end of the park there is a protected area called Baby Beach. It is ideal for all ages especially the little ones because the water is calm. It is a natural salt water swimming pool. Turtles are often seen here. 

Cement block with wiheels
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August 3rd 2016, I noticed something different about Baldwin. I noticed the erosion seemed excessive, more so than usual. I found new things unearthed by the ocean that day. I found a cement block with wheels (see picture). Over the last few years during my runs on the beach, I never noticed this big object before. Now, there were many more trees, more cement blocks, wires, and old plumbing and pipes too. I thought this was strange. Every visit since that day, I took notice of the shrinking beach cutting my running path short.     

Jack Bunch, Maui lifeguard
I showed the picture of the cement block with wheels to my friend Jack Bunch, who has been a Maui lifeguard for eight years. He thought this might be the remnants from the old lime kiln that used to operate on this beach many years ago. He had never seen it exposed before. 

“Maui Agriculture Co., run by Alexander and Baldwin, constructed the Paia Lime Kiln in 1907. Over much of the next seven decades, sand and coral were excavated from the beach to manufacture hydrated lime for plantation uses, build roads and airstrips and also produce cement during wartime. Railroad tracks and a roadway ran through the area. Portions of the old asphalt roadbed are sometimes visible on the beach today.” Excerpt from article:  http://legacyprojectshawaii.com/2007/2007-04-19.php  

Exposed pipes and building parts
Lifeguard station on shrinking beach
Jack has lived on Maui for over thirty years and moved here when he was seven.  He learned to body surf at this beach and is a fisherman and has seen the changes. He has witnessed a few years of extra heavy erosion and this year 2016 was no exception. He told me the sand on the east side of the beach used to stretch out further. There used to be many more iron wood trees, park benches, a lifeguard storage facility, and a public bathroom. All of that has since been taken by the sea. When the annual cycle of ocean whisks away the sand between August and September on the east side of this park, the beach shrinks and exposes buried trunks of large trees and rooted stumps but not to the degree we are witnessing this year 2016.  This summer, it was more like a forest graveyard with relics of the past revealing itself. 
Shower collapses
I asked Jack what his thoughts were on the matter. He believes it is from the man made sea walls. He has noticed that the water patterns are irregular. These man-made barriers change the flow of the ocean. Jack added that the beach always comes back after those two months, but he has observed overall the beach is slowly disappearing. 

Parking lot meets the sea and more
exposure of pipes and new fallen trees
Mid-August, almost two weeks later, the outdoor shower falls into the ocean and there are

new collapsing trees. This confirmed to me something was out of the ordinary. That same day I saw Heidi, of Ailana Surveying & Geomatics.  I have seen her several times over the years on this beach with her equipment and knew she was monitoring the beach and ocean. I was interested more than ever to find out what was going on. Was this the result of global warming or something else?  Heidi put me in touch with Tara Owens, Coastal Processes and Hazards Specialist, University of Hawaii Sea Grant College Program, and County of Maui Planning Department. Both ladies agreed to share their knowledge for this blog story.  I thank you for your contribution and I hope your story can help us make a difference and bring awareness to this issue.

Question:  What is causing this extensive erosion that we are experiencing this summer on Baldwin Beach?  Should we be concerned?  Will the beach come back? 

The high waves from NW swell 
reaches the pavilion.
Heidi:  As of September 18th we just had a couple small NW swells that started to bring the beach back to the Cove. The summer erosion at the Cove is temporarily reversed during the winter; however, the long-term trend for the Cove is chronic erosion.  During the 4.5 years of our study this summer 2016 and the summer of 2012 standout as having especially dramatic erosion at the Cove.

Heidi Sherman with her 
survey-grade GPS.
Yes, I think we should be concerned, at least to the extent that we should consider relocating the pavilion and adjacent parking lot farther away from the ocean. In the future we may even want to consider alternatives to leaving the rock revetment in place.

Tara:  Beaches are dynamic systems. Sand is always moving, both onshore/offshore and alongshore. This is the natural function of a beach as it forms the buffer between land and sea. All of Maui's beaches are eroding in the long term.  Generally speaking, the primary driver of this trend is rising sea levels, which forces shorelines to chronically retreat (move landward over time). Additionally, there are seasonal events (i.e. winter or summer waves) and episodic events (i.e. storms) that can cause temporary or permanent changes to the shoreline. Finally, these forces are often complicated and exacerbated by human influences on the sand supply (i.e. sand mining and seawalls or revetments).

Baldwin Beach Parking lot flooded
Speaking long-term, Baldwin Beach has had the highest rates of erosion on the island (up to 5 ft. /yr., compared to an island average of about 0.6 ft. /yr.).  This is a function of natural and human causes. The beaches on the north shore of Maui, particularly Baldwin, were heavily mined for sand (for lime and cement) up until the 1970s. This created a deficit in the sand supply for the beach, leading to chronic erosion. This practice was outlawed statewide with the adoption of the Hawaii Coastal Zone Management Act (Hawaii Revised Statues 205A) in 1977.

Parking lot near the gazebo
To add to these chronic trends, there are seasonal trends that are also complicated by natural and human factors. The erosion you are observing right now at the east end ("the Cove") is a common seasonal change, and the beach will recover very quickly when the first winter swells arrive, usually in late September. Our data shows that the beaches will likely return to about average conditions (width and volume) by mid-November.  What happens here is that the seasonal NE trade wind waves (about April to September) create a longshore current that pushes sand from east to west over the summer season. The trend reverses when the NW winter swells arrive (September to March), pushing sand back from west to east, and the cove recovers. 

However, this natural process is further complicated by the presence of the old rock revetment to the east that used to protect a lime kiln used for sugar cane. The revetment disrupts sand transport down the coast from the Paia side, so during the summer sand is pushed away from the down drift side of the revetment, creating a sediment void, which results in extreme shoreline retreat of 100 feet or more. If the revetment weren't there, the seasonal erosion would not be as extreme.

Finally, this seasonal erosion, while typical, has reached a new extreme this year, which is clearly shown in the data (see pictured graphic), and of course by your observations. This is possibly related to strong and consistent trade winds over the summer that may be related to larger climate trends, such as ENSO patterns.  El NiƱo-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is a naturally occurring phenomenon that involves fluctuating ocean temperatures in the equatorial Pacific. The warmer waters essentially slosh, or oscillate, back and forth across the Pacific, much like water in a bath tub.

Question:  What is the device Heidi uses to study Baldwin Beach with and what data is she collecting. What made you select Baldwin Beach to study or do you also take readings from the other Maui beaches and if Baldwin specifically, why?  

Tara:The data is being gathered by my friend and colleague, Heidi Sherman. We started this project together in 2012, in support of a Maui College student who was studying the beach changes for one year in pursuit of his Marine Options Program certificate. Since that time, Heidi has single handedly continued the surveys out of interest in scientifically documenting the changes in such a dynamic system.

The surveys were started in April 2012, and have been collected roughly every month with some exceptions. The surveys collect topographic data for the entire beach using survey-grade GPS equipment. The data from each survey can then be compared to look at changes to shoreline location and sand volume over time. After 4.5 years, this data is becoming a very rich set.  If Heidi continues, we may eventually be able to find a correlation to ENSO activity (as expressed by local winds).

Heidi:  I do quasi-monthly beach surveys on the main stretch of Baldwin Beach. Less frequently, I do beach surveys east of the rock revetment to Paia Bay. If we consider alternatives to the rock revetment or expand facilities at Baldwin Beach Park it will be useful to understand beach behavior on the Paia side too. I also do beach surveys at other Maui beaches through our company Ailana Surveying & Geomatics

I studied geology and my husband, Anthony Crook, is a Professional Land Surveyor. We own Ailana Surveying & Geomatics LLC.  I enjoy collecting and analyzing data that show how beaches change seasonally and year-to-year and comparing this with changes in seasonal and year-to-year wave data.  Hopefully the beach data we collect will also support finding smarter solutions to beach erosion issues.

To learn more about Baldwin Beach and the scientific data that Tara Owens and Heidi Sherman are gathering we encourage you to join the Baldwin Beach Study Facebook group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/481639085321487/
Or Baldwin Beach Study Google+ community:
Please upload your photos and observations of Baldwin Beach.

Question:  Besides your Face Book and Google+ page what other websites or videos can I include in this interview to share with the world?

Tara: There is lots of stuff out there. Here are a few videos/presentations relating to local Maui issues:

For those who want to dive in deeper for the history of this North Shore area, here is an article written by Rob Parsons, currently the County's Environmental Coordinator, 10 years ago, but still very relevant: http://legacyprojectshawaii.com/2007/2007-04-19.php 

Maui Huliau Foundation:  "Restoring the Dunes" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQ1k4IWrJE4

"Kahana Bay Erosion Mitigation through Regional Beach Nourishment" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lE-1qH--7EY

"Kahana Bay Regional Beach Nourishment Project" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zn2Q_uX_Uk0

"Managing Maui's Dynamic Shorelines" - http://www.mnmrc.com/managing-mauis-dynamic-shorelines/

Question:  What is your educational background if any? Who sponsors the study?  Are you looking to raise money?  Do you want to bring awareness to the erosion problem?  How can we as people prevent damage to our coast line?

Tara:  I am a coastal geologist for the University of Hawaii Sea Grant Program.  My program is based at UH Manoa on Oahu; however, I work and reside on Maui as a liaison to the Maui County Planning Department.  I work side by side with the County's coastal zone management (CZM) planners.  In this role, I serve as a science adviser providing technical expertise that informs County of Maui planning and decision-making activities for coastal resource management and coastal land use.  I also conduct formal and informal education and outreach activities on coastal processes, coastal hazards, climate change, and sea-level rise to educate a wide range of students, community members, and stakeholder groups.  My short bio is here:  http://seagrant.soest.hawaii.edu/tara-owens

Erosion is widespread on Maui.  There are general trends and causes, but also the exact drivers and impacts can be somewhat site specific. We are always working to build awareness within the Maui community of the problem and the range of response options.

This study is currently not sponsored. As mentioned above, it was started as a student project and Heidi has kept it going for scientific interest. We have sought grant funding one time for additional support, and likely will pursue funding again.

Question:  Where can people volunteer to help clean the beach and protect the dunes?  Can people help fund the projects to nourish and rebuild the shoreline?

Tara:  The group that was featured in the dune restoration video is the South Maui Volunteers (aka Ho'aloha Aina).  They are an amazing team of folks from the community that have dedicated their entire existence to dune restoration. Bob and Lis Richardson lead that group, and they hold workdays every Monday. They mostly work in South Maui in the well-used beach parks; however, they collaborate on other projects around the island as requested. They also work with elementary school groups in South Maui.  There are many more videos on their website:  http://www.southmauivolunteers.com/

We are always trying to encourage and build other steward groups like the SMVs.

Another group that has been very good dune/beach stewards is the Paia Youth and Cultural Center, who have also worked collaboratively with us to restore dunes around their site and the adjacent Park parcels.

Question:  I see saving our coastline is your passion.  How did you fall into this line of work?  Was it a calling early on before attending college?  Or were you guided to this job and opportunity where one thing led to another.  I like to blog about people’s passion for Maui and what drives them to do what they do in life or inspire people to be of service to their Hawaii community.

Tara Owens
Tara:  For me, the short answer is:  This was an early childhood calling that led to opportunities I would have never known existed and then one thing led to another...

The long answer is:  I grew up in landlocked Tennessee.  My parents took us on family vacations periodically to coastal South Carolina, where my passion for the ocean was ignited. My parents tell a story from a visit to Myrtle when I was age 5.  I was recovering from chicken pox and they wouldn't let me swim in the ocean. No matter that I couldn't swim because I was happy to spend entire days digging buckets full of sand crabs in fascination, and my parents knew I was hooked.  Eventually I hoped to find a way to get a college degree in this area, so my parents helped me in high school to find Coastal Carolina University, which at the time was one of only a few undergraduate colleges in the US with a degree in Marine Science.  So, I went.  It wasn't until I got there and was inspired by, and afforded opportunities by, one of my college professors Dr. Paul Gayes, in the more specific focus area of coastal geology.  Before this time, I didn't even realize that the field of "coastal geology" existed and that I could have a career doing it. Dr. Gayes hired me as an undergraduate as a research technician, which is almost unheard of at the undergraduate level.  I worked with him and his team for all four years and loved every moment of it. We went up and down the entire South Carolina coastline collecting data on every single beach.  [Side note:  This just goes to show how important your teachers can be in your life.]  Because of this extensive experience, upon graduation I was offered a Research Assistantship for graduate school at the University of Hawaii at Manoa in the prestigious School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology with coastal geologist Dr. Chip Fletcher as my adviser.  My research focused on historical shoreline changes at Waikiki Beach.  After receiving my Master’s degree, I returned to the mainland working first for the USGS and then NOAA.  However, Maui called and I returned in 2010 when this job became available.

Heidi Sherman with her keiki
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Heidi:  I like beaches.  I grew up on Lake Michigan.  When I met my husband, Anthony, we lived on the beach in Durban, South Africa.  I’ve also lived near the coast in Maine and New Zealand.  I studied geology and Anthony studied geophysics and land surveying.  We got married on a beach on Oahu and then decided to move to Hawaii, where we started ‘Ailana Surveying & Geomatics.  Beach studies are a great way to combine interests in geology and land surveying.  I enjoy collecting and analyzing data that show how beaches change seasonally and year-to-year and comparing this with changes in seasonal and year-to-year wave data.  Hopefully the beach data we collect will also support finding smarter solutions to beach erosion issues.

As of today September 19, 2016 the "Cove" on the east side of Baldwin Beach is filling back in nicely and the sand is returning although the beach is missing a few more trees and shower.