Monday, August 29, 2011

Part 1 of 2 - Blog Maui and Big Island Visit

Honu Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle in Ka'anapali, Maui, HI
Part 1 of 2 –Maui and the Big Island

Back on the mainland collecting my thoughts from my recent family visit to Maui and The Big Island (Hawaii).  Time to talk story and share my new YouTube movie and slide show that captures our visual experience and more!  I hope you enjoy it.  It is my first attempt to edit and create a little movie.  It is a visual story about “why Maui is so special.”  It is approximately 13 minutes in length:

To create this homemade video, I used Windows Live Movie Maker!  It is a fun and easy program to use.  The underwater still shots and videos were taken with a digital waterproof Olympus camera.  Chelsea owns this camera and shared her digital data with me to incorporate into the Maui and Big Island movie.  I used my new Google Android phone for many of the beach videos.  I was very pleased with the quality.  I have visited Maui for many years and have tons of digital data that also comes from other various digital cameras that include video functionality.  I added a few old images and videos in both movies.  Please take the time to LIKE the YouTube video if you do.
Our young artist and underwater video photographer Chelsea

Today I will focus my blog on our recent Maui trip.  Then part 2, my next Blog, will be about the Big Island.

The first movie is about Maui and expresses the ideas of romance, beauty, family fun, and culture.  I love the sound track from Lilo and Stitch and there are a few songs used to accompany the video.  If you like the music I highly recommend that you support the artists by purchasing their music CD or pay to download it.  

If you long to visit Maui or are homesick for paradise, I hope this movie will take you back.  Please note that I can help with your Maui accommodations.  Remember to visit my website: to see a list of our properties.  This is a small family owned business and I personally care about your vacation experience.  In addition, I created a short video about my personal condo C618 that includes videos of the beaches nearby.  This video is about 3 minutes in length:

I love Maui and appreciate all the other Hawaiian Islands for each has its own individual character and unique energy.  Since my business is primarily Maui it is a must to stop over.  No one has to twist my arm.  I go willingly.  It is my job.  This recent trip was July 2011.  We spent 17 days in Maui and 2 nights on the Big Island

What I love about Maui is you can choose to go a slower pace if desired and enjoy nature and/or enjoy the many activities, shows and great restaurants. Maui and Oahu are the two islands that offer the most “to do” in terms of dining/activities/entertainment.  The other Hawaiian Islands, in general, are slower paced like Kauai and The Big Island.  And even more so in Molokai and Lanai.  I only mention the most popular visited islands.  The others you can not visit easily without special permission like the islands of Kahoolawe and Niihau.  And they simply are not on the radar to visit.  Even the Midway atolls a United States minor outlying island of Hawaii where The Battle of Midway, was fought over the U.S. mid-Pacific base on June 4th 1942.  However, in the year 2008 the Midway atolls is now an American Wildlife Refuge and they offer limited tourism with permitted tour groups.

My first stop in Maui is to my home away from home in South Kihei.  I’m usually tired my first day in due to a lack of sleep the night before.  There is so much to do before leaving the mainland.  My first evening in I look forward to getting a good nights rest and in the morning I look forward to the song of many cooing birds.  It sounds lovely when the rest of the world is still so quiet.  The birds sing faithfully every morning here in Kihei.  I do not need an alarm clock.  The birds start their singing about 6am and in California it is 9am PST.  Hawaii Standard Time (HST) never changes.  It is nice to have your morning coffee or tea on the lanai and to look out over the Pacific Ocean.  A great meditative way to start the day.  Then off to exercise at the beach along the ocean before it gets too warm. 

I sleep more solidly and soundly in Hawaii.  I gather my strength here and I feel more in tune with my inner healing.  I come here as do many to rest, have fun, and get my nature and ocean fix.  It is my place of inspiration.  When on my working vacation, I do make time to relax, but I also keep active.  As I said there is so much to do and see.  Favorite places to revisit and the need to seek new experiences.

My sister Patty, my nephew Sean, my friend Mary and Chelsea joined us the last 9 days of our trip.  Mary and Chelsea took many pictures.  I thought I was bad!  I’m usually the picture taker.  But I let go and got to relax knowing they were capturing the moments of our lives.  Many of their photos and videos are part of the Maui and Big Island movie.
Snorkeling at Kapalua Bay
Big Beach, South Maui, HI

I am still creating the Big Island Video and when it is complete I will do my next blog.  The Maui Video I hope capture a lot of visual story for you.  Less talk this blog and instead more pictures….action!

I love many places in Maui and I could write a book but this is a blog.  I need to keep this short and sweet.  If you rent one of our MauiVision properties, I do provide an 11 page Maui Fun Letter to all our guests.  I update and tweak it annually. 

I want to mention a new restaurant at the OGG Maui airport.  Sammy’s Bar and Grill owned by rocker Sammy Hagar.  The food was fantastic!  Big portions and the prices reasonable.  I was impressed with my dish the “Crispy Ono Pescado” it was their version of fresh island fish and chips so delicious!  This was not your average fish and chips!  My son had their “Beach Salad” with chicken.  My adult son can be a picky eater and let me tell you, he loved this salad.  My growing young man could not finish it.  You will not leave this restaurant hungry that is for sure!  I think it is also worth mentioning that the profits from this restaurant go to local children’s charities in Maui.  That made the meal extra special.  You should give this restaurant a try and know you are also supporting a good cause in the process.

I highly recommend a family magic show in Maui called “Kupanaha.”  It’s nice to know that Maui has many family friendly shows that all ages can enjoy together.  And “Kupanaha” is top on my list for audiences young and old.  I have attended this show twice and find myself amazed by the magic and laughing at the comedy.  One of our family members was randomly chosen to perform with the magician Jody Baran.  We know the magic is real!

Magician Jody Baran and his wife Kathleen on stage
We attended a dinner and music show in a small intimate venue at Stella Blues in Kihei, Maui.  We paid $60 per person.  If you just wanted to attend the show without dinner, the cost was $30 per person.  The food was very good. We saw Paula Fuga, Mike Love and Sam Ites perform.  Paula and Mike both took turns singing lead and both are blessed with beautiful voices.   The group put on a great show and harmonized well together.  In most bar/restaurants they will allow younger people under 21 if they are accompanied by an adult however, they must be out by 10pm when the restaurant/bar stops serving dinner.  Anyway, my son loves reggae and this was a treat for him.  Paula Fuga is a success and she is a rising shining star.  She has performed with Jack Johnson and Ziggy Marley.  I love her music and I plan to include it in my Big Island video.  I think you will love her too!  I highly recommend you purchase her music CD or download “Paula Fuga Misery’s End.”  It is excellent!
Paula Fuga, Mike Love, and Sam Ites performing at Stella Blues in Kihei, Maui, HI

With Aloha!

Kathy McCartney