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2012 Oil and Acrylic Painting Classes - Children and Adults

Explore Your Creative Self!
Art is Therapeutic and Fun!
We offer various workshops on different subject matters
We teach all skill levels on how to draw and paint

Ocean and Seascape Workshop with Oil Paint
Instructor Kathy McCartney
In this class you will paint a beautiful, tropical ocean scene. Kathy will demonstrate and you the student follow along.
This oil painting class will take 4 sessions and is offered different times/dates to suit your schedule. Please visit the link below for class schedule, costs and other details: Ocean Workshop or call 925-876-4985

Instructor Kathy McCartney
In this class we will paint your dog, cat, bird or whatever your favorite animal is. Kathy will guide you and take you step by step to help you create your animal portrait.
This oil painting class will take 4 sessions and is offered different times/dates to suit your schedule. Please visit the link below for dates/times, costs and other details: Your Pet Project or call 925-876-4985
Instructor Kathy McCartney – Acrylic and Oil painting classes for Teens and Adults. You Name It We'll Paint It! Click on Link below for details.
Instructor Kathy McCartney – Acrylic and Oil painting classes for Teens and Adults. You Name It We'll Paint It! Click on Link below for details.
General Class Schedule for Children and Teens or call 925-876-4985

Please visit my Student Art Gallery to see some examples of what my students have produced in class:  Student Art Gallery
Student and Customer Testimony

We have a N-E-W art gallery and classroom in beautiful downtown Danville! I share this space with many talented artists! I feel fortunate to work along side these creative types and I hope to learn from them. You never stop growing! Our artwork is on display at this new location and a few of the artists, besides myself, teach here. I started a new blog for the gallery. You can visit the Art On the Lane blog to see some fantastic art work from my fellow colleagues and see the 1 minute virtual tour here on Art On the Lane YouTube of our new space.  We opened our gallery doors October 2011.  Please visit us!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Hawaiian Puppy Love - New Painting

Original oil painting by artist Kathy McCartney 16x20
"Hawaiian Puppy Love"  (click on image to enlarge)
This image is now for sale in greeting card format!  You can personalize the blank card:

I also created a holiday card version "Have a very Maui Christmas and a Happy New Year" with holiday trim/border and card is blank inside but you can personalize it.  It is on sale here:

It has been awhile since I last posted a new painting.  I started this puppy painting idea with two young beginner students age 10.  I took them as far as I could.  When I work with young people I must be patient.  Young students in particular like to produce art quickly and that is okay.  In time when they master more skill they will also acquire more patience to focus on extra detail.  

Some paintings I start in class with my students and with certain works, I feel a connection to and want to polish the piece and add more details.  I feel compelled to go above and beyond the original inspiration or idea.  I made the cute pups into Hawaiian style pets at the beach!  Hawaii and tropical locations are colorful places.  I am attracted to the bright playful colors and it comes out in my work frequently.

I completed this painting November 23rd 2011 it is still wet.  It is a new original oil painting of two adorable Beagle puppies sitting high and dry on their owner's surf board.  Some owners in Hawaii like to dress their dogs in leis, sunglasses, and even Hawaiian print clothing!  I could not resist painting the characters I see on the beach.  My inspirations are gathered through various images and ideas that I combine to make my original art.  I also noted my symbol and message on the surfboard “Peace, Love, and Aloha.”  Let’s remember to emote these good feelings wherever we are in the world.  I love animals and it is fun for me to paint them.  I am available to do commissions of your pets.  Please just inquire.

The painting is now on sell in my Etsy store and for 1/2 off its regular price for at least the next 60 days.

Kathy McCartney

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Part 2 of 2 - Blog Maui and Big Island Visit

Part 2 of 2 - Blog Maui and Big Island Visit July 2011
Click to enlarge...Picture of Paula Fuga, Mike Love and Sam Ites performing Stella Blues Maui July 2011
As promised in my last blog I want to introduce to you some beautiful music from Paula Fuga who is from the island of Oahu.  She did try-out on American Idol and unfortunately, did not get far.  You can see this audition on YouTube and listen to her on my video she is awesome!  Jack Johnson certainly thinks so and she now tours with him.  I felt it was a privilege to see her perform in the small venue in Maui.  Let me tell you, this woman can sing!  Her music is featured here in my NEW Big Island Video Our Experience: 
I included 3 songs from her “Misery End” CD which I purchased in Maui at her show.  Please support her music and buy it on-line.  I hope you enjoy my movie.

My time on the Big Island passed much too quickly.  I wish we had more time to explore and relax.  Talk about a whirlwind vacation!  I got my R&R in Maui prior to landing in Hilo.  We only had 48 hours on this island for our non-stop sightseeing tour, time was limited and we had a lot of ground to cover and people to visit.  I recommend you spend at least 5 to 14 days on each island if you can spare it.

We arrived about 9am in Hilo and immediately took in the sights and fell into the rhythm of the second largest city in the state of Hawaii and one of the wettest locations averaging 128 inches of rain a year.  Hilo is the capital of the Big Island (Hawaii) and is also home to the annual Merrie Monarch Festival, a week long event in honor of King David Kalākaua, who was nicknamed the "Merrie Monarch" for revitalizing the art of hula and bringing it back to the public domain.  The missionaries who arrived to the islands in the early 1800s suppressed much of the Hawaiian traditions and culture.  The hula was driven underground and was kept alive.  David Kalākaua is credited with restoring a new sense of pride in such things as Hawaiian mythology, medicine, chant, and hula when he came to power in 1874.  The Merrie Monarch Festival was founded in 1964 and has exhibitions and competitions that are considered the most prestigious of all hula contests.  This event attracts the best dancers in the world.  Visit this site to learn more:  Merrie Monarch Festival  

Isaac Hale Beach (click to enlarge)
We had lunch in Hilo and then visited a few beaches: Isaac Hale Beach Park, Kalapana, and New Kaimu Beach.  We eventually checked into our beautiful rented home in Kapoho.  We booked our place through Hawaii Holiday Vacation Rentals My friends started this company several years ago and recently sold it.  All the properties are beautiful and I like the people who work there.

I have traveled to the Big Island several times before and not much has changed.  I did notice that there appeared to be more homes built, but the community is still a small, quiet oasis nestled in the jungles.   We stayed on the East side of the island in Kapoho a place known for its 90 degree temperature tide pools.  These natural outdoor baths are created by interconnected thermal tide pools that extend 200 yards into the ocean.  The nearest town to shop and eat is Pahoa which is a 15 minute drive.  The downtown area is cute and very small.  You can drive from one end of the town to the next in less than 5 minutes and I’m not exaggerating!   We had dinner our first evening in Pahoa.  There are a few GREAT restaurants.  This I find amazing in that there doesn’t appear to be many choices and yet all the restaurants take pride in their food.  We dined at my favorite establishment Luquins Mexican Restaurant and it cost each of us $12 to $13 per person this included tax and tip.  The prices are reasonable on this side of the island.   The food at Liquins is OMG good!

My son and I wanted to come back to the Big Island to visit our baby coconut trees that we planted at New Kaimu Beach many years ago.  I don’t know if we found our tree exactly.  The beach had so many more trees than before.  We planted our trees approximately 9 years ago!  We also wanted to see the volcano and lava flow, but no lava was flowing on the surface this trip!  I thought it strange.  So, one less thing for us to see and do.  If you ever visit the Big Island make sure you take in the natural wonders of the active volcano and lava flow.  It is very cool to see the fresh molten lava river flow on land and melt into the sea.  It is amazing to see new life and new land being created right before your eyes. This is not an every day event.  A new island has already begun to form about 15 miles off the southeast coast of the Big Island named Loihi, its seamount has already risen about 2 miles above the ocean floor, and within 1 mile of the ocean surface. In another thirty or forty thousand years, a new island will exist where the Big Island of Hawaii currently rests.

I found this on the web if you are interested in the formation of the Hawaiian Islands and volcanoes:

I was told during this recent trip not to invest in a lava boat tour ride unless the lava is actually flowing into the ocean.  Do your homework first this will save you money   However, if you like the ocean and sight seeing from a boat you can take in the coastline and see dolphins etc.  The tours run whether or not the lava is flowing into the ocean.

The next day was our last full day and long drive adventure to soak up what we could.  Our goal was to drive to Kona and then take in the stars on top of Mauna Kea.   During our journey, we did come across Punalu’u a black sand beach.  There were so many turtles!  It is important you do not get close to the turtles and please never touch them.  They come ashore to rest and sleep.   Then off to Kayak by Captain Cook’s monument for the fun of it.  It is a place where dolphins are seen frequently.  However, we kayaked late in the afternoon so no dolphins were to be seen.  If you want to see the dolphins you should go out early in the morning.  Many years ago, I swam out to the dolphins. It was a wonderful memory and experience to swim with them in the wild in their natural habitat.  Dolphins are curious creatures and swim close to you and they make a distinct clicking sound and squeak.  The dolphins use echolocation or biosonar.  They will swim close to you where you can touch them, but here I go again, you shouldn’t.  They seem to be curious about us humans as we humans are about them.  I want to add, I do not like the idea that some of these creatures are held captive in a pool for display.  They should be free as long as they are not recovering from an injury or illness.  Anyway, I digress…since we were kayaking late in the afternoon we did see a bunch of jumping fish breaking the surface of the water.  From a distance I thought they might be dolphins.  But once we got close I could clearly see it was a lot of large silver fish, I told the kids to stay in the Kayak because maybe something was something feeding on them and not necessarily the other way around.  A week earlier there had been a shark sighting in this area.

click to enlarge Huggo's click to enlarge
After our kayaking adventure, we drove further south to Kailua-Kona for our one sunset dinner.  We wanted to find a place that had live music overlooking the ocean.  There were many places that fit the bill.  We discovered Huggo’s.  This was my first time dining there.  It is a casual ocean front atmosphere with live music and they even had a hula dancer.  It was a great find.  I was more tempted by the location and then pleasantly surprised by the great food, drinks and entertainment! 
Downtown Kona (click to enlarge)
downtown Kona at sunset (click to enlarge)
I was the time keeper and tour guide for the group.  I had to keep us on task.  After our lovely sunset dinner by the ocean I reminded everyone we had to wrap it up so we could make it to the top of Mauna Kea to view the stars.  This was a new experience for me as well and I knew we had to get there before 10pm closing time.  I really love the town of Kailua-Kona and wanted to linger but time was ticking…We left Huggo’s at about 7:20pm to drive up to Mauna Kea, the tallest mountain on Earth 13,796 feet as measured from the sea.  Astronomers and scientist love the observatories here.  We visited the Mauna Kea Visitor Information Station located 9,300 foot above sea level.  We were prepared and packed our jeans and sweatshirts because it was CHILLY on the mountain!  I also purchased a kauva chocolate bar to keep me alert while driving and it worked!  The visitor station is open from 9am to 10pm daily and it is free to the public.  They have plenty of telescopes for the visitors to use.  But we could not really figure them out.  It was best just to look into the heavens with the naked eye.  We arrived to the visitor center at 9:20pm.  We just made it!  I would have been bummed if they closed the doors before we got there.  We were going up the mountain in the dark and used almost ½ a tank of gas in our rented minivan.  Traveling downhill we coasted and did not use an ounce of gas.  The breaks got a good work out though.

This is one of the best places in the world to view the cosmos where there is virtually no light pollution.  I was blown away by all the stars I could see on top of Mount Mauna Kea.  The big dipper was so close that at first I could not see it due to the competing star light.  There were so many twinkling stars and planets scattered on this black velvet canvas.  Talk about a blanket of stars!  I don’t even think that expression does justice to what we visually took in our one night on top of this mountain we were so close to heaven. Never have I seen so many stars before in my life.  Oh and to see the milky way with the naked eye was incredible.  The big dipper was huge you could almost touch it!.  We also saw many shooting stars during our short visit.

Mauna Kea is also known as one of the cleanest spots in the world, free of pollution because dust particles and pollution stop climbing when they meet the inversion layer, an atmospheric boundary of warmer air at 11,145 feet above the clouds.   

After the star gazing, back to our Kapoho home.  I was a little bummed that we could not enjoy the beautiful house we rented simply because we were never there.  But we had a great, clean, beautiful and comfortable home to sleep in and the two nights we were there we were welcomed by a chorus of crickets, geckos, frogs, and not sure what else that would sing in unison at about the same pitch and a gentle breeze kicked in moving around the palm leaves.  One night we had a steady rain that added to the soothing orchestra of nature’s song.  I loved it and if by magic was lulled into a peaceful sleep.
View from our rented home in Kapoho (click to enlarge)

Kathy McCartney

MauiVision Rentals and McCartney Fine Art

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Part 1 of 2 - Blog Maui and Big Island Visit

Honu Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle in Ka'anapali, Maui, HI
Part 1 of 2 –Maui and the Big Island

Back on the mainland collecting my thoughts from my recent family visit to Maui and The Big Island (Hawaii).  Time to talk story and share my new YouTube movie and slide show that captures our visual experience and more!  I hope you enjoy it.  It is my first attempt to edit and create a little movie.  It is a visual story about “why Maui is so special.”  It is approximately 13 minutes in length:

To create this homemade video, I used Windows Live Movie Maker!  It is a fun and easy program to use.  The underwater still shots and videos were taken with a digital waterproof Olympus camera.  Chelsea owns this camera and shared her digital data with me to incorporate into the Maui and Big Island movie.  I used my new Google Android phone for many of the beach videos.  I was very pleased with the quality.  I have visited Maui for many years and have tons of digital data that also comes from other various digital cameras that include video functionality.  I added a few old images and videos in both movies.  Please take the time to LIKE the YouTube video if you do.
Our young artist and underwater video photographer Chelsea

Today I will focus my blog on our recent Maui trip.  Then part 2, my next Blog, will be about the Big Island.

The first movie is about Maui and expresses the ideas of romance, beauty, family fun, and culture.  I love the sound track from Lilo and Stitch and there are a few songs used to accompany the video.  If you like the music I highly recommend that you support the artists by purchasing their music CD or pay to download it.  

If you long to visit Maui or are homesick for paradise, I hope this movie will take you back.  Please note that I can help with your Maui accommodations.  Remember to visit my website: to see a list of our properties.  This is a small family owned business and I personally care about your vacation experience.  In addition, I created a short video about my personal condo C618 that includes videos of the beaches nearby.  This video is about 3 minutes in length:

I love Maui and appreciate all the other Hawaiian Islands for each has its own individual character and unique energy.  Since my business is primarily Maui it is a must to stop over.  No one has to twist my arm.  I go willingly.  It is my job.  This recent trip was July 2011.  We spent 17 days in Maui and 2 nights on the Big Island

What I love about Maui is you can choose to go a slower pace if desired and enjoy nature and/or enjoy the many activities, shows and great restaurants. Maui and Oahu are the two islands that offer the most “to do” in terms of dining/activities/entertainment.  The other Hawaiian Islands, in general, are slower paced like Kauai and The Big Island.  And even more so in Molokai and Lanai.  I only mention the most popular visited islands.  The others you can not visit easily without special permission like the islands of Kahoolawe and Niihau.  And they simply are not on the radar to visit.  Even the Midway atolls a United States minor outlying island of Hawaii where The Battle of Midway, was fought over the U.S. mid-Pacific base on June 4th 1942.  However, in the year 2008 the Midway atolls is now an American Wildlife Refuge and they offer limited tourism with permitted tour groups.

My first stop in Maui is to my home away from home in South Kihei.  I’m usually tired my first day in due to a lack of sleep the night before.  There is so much to do before leaving the mainland.  My first evening in I look forward to getting a good nights rest and in the morning I look forward to the song of many cooing birds.  It sounds lovely when the rest of the world is still so quiet.  The birds sing faithfully every morning here in Kihei.  I do not need an alarm clock.  The birds start their singing about 6am and in California it is 9am PST.  Hawaii Standard Time (HST) never changes.  It is nice to have your morning coffee or tea on the lanai and to look out over the Pacific Ocean.  A great meditative way to start the day.  Then off to exercise at the beach along the ocean before it gets too warm. 

I sleep more solidly and soundly in Hawaii.  I gather my strength here and I feel more in tune with my inner healing.  I come here as do many to rest, have fun, and get my nature and ocean fix.  It is my place of inspiration.  When on my working vacation, I do make time to relax, but I also keep active.  As I said there is so much to do and see.  Favorite places to revisit and the need to seek new experiences.

My sister Patty, my nephew Sean, my friend Mary and Chelsea joined us the last 9 days of our trip.  Mary and Chelsea took many pictures.  I thought I was bad!  I’m usually the picture taker.  But I let go and got to relax knowing they were capturing the moments of our lives.  Many of their photos and videos are part of the Maui and Big Island movie.
Snorkeling at Kapalua Bay
Big Beach, South Maui, HI

I am still creating the Big Island Video and when it is complete I will do my next blog.  The Maui Video I hope capture a lot of visual story for you.  Less talk this blog and instead more pictures….action!

I love many places in Maui and I could write a book but this is a blog.  I need to keep this short and sweet.  If you rent one of our MauiVision properties, I do provide an 11 page Maui Fun Letter to all our guests.  I update and tweak it annually. 

I want to mention a new restaurant at the OGG Maui airport.  Sammy’s Bar and Grill owned by rocker Sammy Hagar.  The food was fantastic!  Big portions and the prices reasonable.  I was impressed with my dish the “Crispy Ono Pescado” it was their version of fresh island fish and chips so delicious!  This was not your average fish and chips!  My son had their “Beach Salad” with chicken.  My adult son can be a picky eater and let me tell you, he loved this salad.  My growing young man could not finish it.  You will not leave this restaurant hungry that is for sure!  I think it is also worth mentioning that the profits from this restaurant go to local children’s charities in Maui.  That made the meal extra special.  You should give this restaurant a try and know you are also supporting a good cause in the process.

I highly recommend a family magic show in Maui called “Kupanaha.”  It’s nice to know that Maui has many family friendly shows that all ages can enjoy together.  And “Kupanaha” is top on my list for audiences young and old.  I have attended this show twice and find myself amazed by the magic and laughing at the comedy.  One of our family members was randomly chosen to perform with the magician Jody Baran.  We know the magic is real!

Magician Jody Baran and his wife Kathleen on stage
We attended a dinner and music show in a small intimate venue at Stella Blues in Kihei, Maui.  We paid $60 per person.  If you just wanted to attend the show without dinner, the cost was $30 per person.  The food was very good. We saw Paula Fuga, Mike Love and Sam Ites perform.  Paula and Mike both took turns singing lead and both are blessed with beautiful voices.   The group put on a great show and harmonized well together.  In most bar/restaurants they will allow younger people under 21 if they are accompanied by an adult however, they must be out by 10pm when the restaurant/bar stops serving dinner.  Anyway, my son loves reggae and this was a treat for him.  Paula Fuga is a success and she is a rising shining star.  She has performed with Jack Johnson and Ziggy Marley.  I love her music and I plan to include it in my Big Island video.  I think you will love her too!  I highly recommend you purchase her music CD or download “Paula Fuga Misery’s End.”  It is excellent!
Paula Fuga, Mike Love, and Sam Ites performing at Stella Blues in Kihei, Maui, HI

With Aloha!

Kathy McCartney

Friday, July 29, 2011

Grizzly Youth Academy Graduating Class 26 June 2011

(Click on photos to enlarge)

I'm a proud mama. My son and most of his fellow cadets completed their 5 1/2 month Challenge Program at the “California National Guard Grizzly Youth Academy. It was fun, motivating, and difficult. Near the end of the program, he was ready to return home to enjoy some solitude. The graduation ceremony was beautiful. We enjoyed the speeches. After the event, there were a few hugs and goodbyes and mom taking pictures. When we were in the car ready to drive home, my son tells me that he feels funny. He was happy to return home and sad to leave. He said he felt an “emptiness.” He was actually a little homesick for the academy. It had become his home. He was leaving his new family in San Luis Obispo, CA.
When he first arrived to the academy my son did not know any of the cadets but soon discovered he knew one female cadet from his former high school. Many of the kids come into this program not knowing a soul. He became friends with the others. They learn to respect and support each other to "Dream It, Believe It, Achieve It." He will miss the Major, Sergeants, and his wonderful teachers. They taught him many life skills beyond what a normal high school could and in a focused 16 hour filled day! The kids do not have time to be bored. Two semesters (a year of school) is squeezed into this 5.5 months program.

 It is not easy to get accepted into this academy, it is becoming popular due to referrals and recommendations from other parents like me. There are only so many students they can take due to limited space. It is a free school to the parents. Donations are of course GREATLY appreciated so please donate especially if your child is accepted. If your young man or woman does get in, and if they complete the program, they will graduate more mature, well rounded, smarter, caring, self aware and responsible. Young people from all walks of life attend this school. I’m glad that my son got to meet other people with different backgrounds and upbringings. This school brings together all the young people who are still trying to find their way in life. Some were seriously side tracked. But in the end they graduate as mature men and women with self-confidence. As a proud parent I highly recommend this program and school. It builds discipline and character in your son or daughter. It makes a huge difference not only in the cadet's life but also their family and the community.

Kathy McCartney

Monday, June 6, 2011

New Painting Just Completed. Rendition of "Tropical Jewel"

18"x24" my rendition of painting "Tropical Jewel"

Aloha All!

I have been busy teaching art classes.  It is a fun job to create with others.  It is rewarding to be a teacher especially when you see a student really get it and excel in their skill.  Some leave the class feeling very proud of their work.  It boosts ones confidence.  When you create art you are tapping into another part of yourself.  To get really good at anything it takes practice, practice, and more practice.  Then one day you will flow and painting becomes more intuitive.  For some it can take less than a year but for most it takes 3 to 10 years.  It all depends on the natural talent of the individual and how often they PRACTICE!

I just finished this painting in one of the classes I teach.  It is the second time I have painted it with students.  But I altered this rendition originally created by artist Steve Powers called "Tropical Jewel."  I call this one my second rendition because I sold the first one or earlier version I did last summer.

It is a beautiful place I wish to be so it is fun to paint it.  It is a way for me and my students to escape into another reality.  This place I do not know if it was inspired by a real place or not, but it is truly a Tropical Eden!

If you are looking for an art teacher please write or telephone me (see my websites for more details).  I teach oil painting classes to children and adults and teach just about any subject under the sun.  We work from photographs to create our own original ideas or do renditions of other artists' work we admire.  You name it, we'll paint it!

This rendition is listed for sale on my website for $700 US dollars, but I am discounting it to $399.00 US dollars on Etsy for a limited time or until October 6th 2011:

Keep yourself inspired!

Kathy McCartney

Monday, May 2, 2011

My Trip Maui, Hawaii

April 19th, 2011

Aloha All !

I started this blog while waiting for my flight to depart magical Maui, Hawaii. I wanted to capture the inspiration in words why this place invokes a good feeling from within me. It is never easy to leave here. How I love the islands and just about everything related to Hawaii nei. I even like the open air halls and corridors of the airport. It is always inviting and refreshing to feel the breeze off the ocean and smell the fragrant flowers from a nearby lei vendor or walk pass a person adorned with this handmade garland of flowers draped gracefully over their shoulders and to see colorful plants and trees decorate the perimeters of the airfield. Unlike other airports in the United States, you see most of the passengers wearing tank tops, shorts, flip flops and hula shirts a plenty. I find this style of Hawaiiana high fashion to be sexy. A man has to be confident with him self to wear a floral designed dress shirt. And I can always spot a new arrival to the islands, they are anxious to get on with their vacation and their pale skin is begging for a dose of vitamin D that only the Maui Sun can administer in a soothing way. There are a few people running through the airport trying to catch their next flight in or out. However, there are some people like myself, who linger and do not really want to board the plane. Ah yes, the island has a way of casting a spell on its visiting guests.

Even earlier, while on California soil, waiting for our plane to carry us to paradise, I could sense the Hawaiian mood at the Oakland airport gate. People happily waiting to board the flight bound to Maui, Hawaii. Most everyone dressed in colorful tropical prints. The moment you board the plane the good vibes continue to grow stronger. This is a long awaited vacation for many, and for others, the return home is just over the horizon. The Aloha Spirit is onboard with us. I normally fly Hawaiian airlines. They play nice videos during the flight that reveal the visual beauty of Hawaii and Mother Nature plus they do great interviews and stories about Hawaii and her people. I feel prepped for my vacation.

The trips I take to Maui are a regular voyage for me. This April vacation was a 6 day getaway for my fiancé and myself. It was time to recharge our batteries. My place in South Kihei was booked so we stayed at another nice property that is ocean front with great ocean views, unit #851 at the Ka’anapali Shores Resort This condo is part of my MauiVision network. The beach in front is long and stretches south to Black Rock where many locals and some daring tourist jump and dive into the inviting waters below. Just past this landmark is the Whalers Village and famous Ka’anapali Beach continues on. I enjoy snorkeling here with the turtles and variety of colorful fish. Black Rock is a short distance to Whalers Village where there are many shops and restaurants to choose from. We always go to our favorite place, the Hula Grill on the beach. There is live music day and night. The sand is soft and a light cream color and the beach is wide and long and stretches far. The color of the ocean is a pretty clear blue. And in fact, most of the Hawaiian islands have miles and miles of soft sand beaches and inviting aqua colored water that is comfortable to swim in almost year round. There are some Hawaiian Island beaches with black, red and even green sand.

I have visited Maui so many times, but I keep discovering new places to dine, shows and activities to see and do. In fact, there is so much more to discover outside my favorite places, including new alluring beaches to hang loose at. I have included some videos of my favorite beaches in Maui and I hope to have more videos to share with you later in the year.

One of the highlights for me this trip was to find a rare shell washed up at Baldwin Beach Park in Maui, Hawaii. It appears to be a Tiger Cowrie shell. I am told they are not easily found in the shallow waters of the Hawaiian islands anymore. I was only on the beach for 15 minutes to shoot some video when I came across this natural treasure mixed with other pieces of bleached coral. It is a rare find indeed! It was in perfect condition with a little fading of color on the sides. I am told you have to dive deep for this type of shell and they do not usually wash ashore. There was no critter inside…as I had taken it out……Just kidding folks! I did actually check the shell and there was no one home. I would not feel good about taking a shell if there was a sea snail inside. These cowrie shells were once prized and used as currency in Africa and Egypt and other places long ago. It is also a sign of good luck and fertility among other things. However, at my age I will just accept the finding of this shell as a good luck charm and nothing more thank you. Here is a link to read more about this shell:

Click on photo below to enlarge....

Baldwin Beach Park, Maui, Hawaii

Tiger Cowrie shell found on beach

Shell found here among coral

I titled one of my recent paintings (see below) “There is no other place I’d rather be but all washed up on the shores of Kauai.” I love Kauai, too I must say.  Today, I realize it is reallly Maui I'd rather be... Below is a video I took at Baldwin Beach Park the day I found the shell:

Oil painting by me titled "There is no other place I'd rather be but all washed up on the shores of Kauai"

I videoed so many locations and places that out of the 80 short videos I took, I felt there were a few worthy ones to upload on YouTube. If you want to take a short virtual tour to Maui visit my videos on-line anytime. I created a few hyperlinks of these videos on my home page Please take the time to LIKE the videos.  I will upload more in the future once I figure out how to edit the other clips….In the mean time, these videos were the best I could do with no editing.

We love visiting Lahaina Town, in Maui. We have soooooo many favorite restaurants too numerous to list here. And in fact, Maui has many great places to dine all over the island! Next visit and blog, I will take the time to write in more detail other favorite features and places of interest of this island Maui. Kimo’s Restaurant, is another favorite place of mine that sits over the ocean in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii. You can view great sunsets from here, listen to live music from guest performers and hear the ocean roar and smell the sea and sometimes feel the mist. When the sun begins to set the tiki torches are lit and this really adds to the ambience of this open air dining establishment. Plus we really enjoy the food here. I captured this group at Kimo’s for you to listen to in the clips below. The Hawaiian musical group is called “1810.” I love their sound, energy, and bare feet performance. This is the Hawaiian way “laid back” and “hang loose.” Please like this group and help get them more exposure on YouTube. I told them I would be posting my amateur videos of them.

We discovered a new restaurant “The Sea House” that overlooks Napili Bay. The food and service was excellent. The sunset view over the ocean memorable.

Another beach I have never taken the time to visit before is DT Fleming. It is a great beach with a lot of shade plus a very nice restaurant that you can dine at called “The Beach House.” The food was very good and the prices reasonable. And let me tell you, it is sure a nice way to end a beach day having lunch and a fun beverage beachside under the shade of some tall protective palms while the ocean beacons you to come back and take another dip.

My home is really Kihei and South Maui area. I love the beaches here! We drove to this side of the island, so I could film a couple of my favorite beaches. This is my son’s favorite as well as mine, Makena Beach aka Big Beach. I love how pretty the water is here and there are NO HOTELS or condos nearby. It is pure, pristine and natural. I love it. It is untouched by man except for the new lifeguard stations placed there a year or so ago. It is fun to watch the locals boogie board and have some good clean fun in the water. Very entertaining!

Another romantic and picturesque setting located in South Maui is Secret Beach. This is my personal favorite place to be. You often times see turtles, monarch butterflies, and on occasion people getting married. The beach is not big and it is hard to find. It is hidden. There are some big houses nearby but they are mostly obscured by foliage and rock walls. The only restaurant nearby is an outdoor cooking vendor who serves up some good fresh fish!

Remember if you need a place to stay in Maui, please contact me. We have many beautiful, clean, ocean view properties located in South Kihei, Haiku, and Ka’anapali. I’m happy to share what I know about the islands with you.

A hui hou kakou (Until we meet again)

Kathy McCartney

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Painting of My Son Finished (for now)

Aloha and thank you for visiting my blog.

My portrait of my son Ryan is complete.  I need to step away from it for a week and I might tweak it a little (the flowers and background), but overall I am happy with the results and will call it a day.  I am not selling the original, but I am available for commission work.  If you have a family member you would like painted please contact me. 

For commission work the cost depends on the size of the canvas and how many people are in the portrait and the detail and background.  The portrait of my son measures 11"x14" and the cost today is $465.00 US dollars. 

An original oil painting makes a great one of a kind gift.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Visit Maui - Condo Specials April through July 2011

Aloha everyone! 

I have some great deals on Maui condos!  We often times beat our competition in price.  Plus we offer great customer service and wonderful properties that are clean, comfortable and offer great ocean views. 

Vacation Rentals April through July 2011

MauiVision wants to share with our past guests special rates on select properties.  Our repeat customer base and referrals keep us alive.  Mahalo!
We have been in business since June 2002 and appreciate your continued support. 
Remember, MauiVision is here to help with your Maui accommodations and we often times send complimentary gift baskets to our guests depending on their length of stay and always to repeat customers.  We can arrange for a custom gift basket to be delivered to the condo per your request. 

Please feel free to pass this information along to your friends and family who might be interested in a Maui vacation.

I am the owner of this property so I can always offer the best discounts on Unit C618 at the Kihei Akahi Resort located in South Kihei, Maui.
The bedroom was recently remodeled and includes a new very comfortable King size bed.  Our home away from home is well maintained for your comfort.
Available check-in 06/18 to check-out 06/27
$105 per night for 7 to 9 night stay

Available check-in 07/23 to check-out 10/04
$110 per night for 7 to 14 night stay
$105 per night for 15 to 21 night stay
$99 per night for 22 to 28 night stay
$95 per night for 29 night stay or greater

RECENTLY remodeled kitchen and bathroom!  See the new photos and YouTube video.
This lovely property is located directly on the beach in Ka’anapali.  It is a 5 minute walk to Black Rock and a 15 minute drive to Lahaina town.  There is NO security deposit and NO cleaning fee. 
This property does require a 30 day advance notice before your check-in date to reserve.
The nightly rate for this unit is
DISCOUNTED TO $150 per night (7 plus nights)
DISCOUNTED TO $175 per night (6 nights)
DISCOUNTED TO $210 per night (5 nights)
DISCOUNTED TO $262 per night (4 nights) 

If you have additional questions regarding any of the units listed above or about the island of Maui, please feel free to write or telephone me at anytime and I will be happy to answer your inquiries.

All my best,
Kathy McCartney, Owner
MauiVision Rentals
McCartney Fine Art (Tropical Expressions of Hawaii and the South Pacific)
Questions or comments? E-mail us at MauiVision or call 925-876-4985