Monday, July 18, 2016

Spotlight on Art Gallery Maui Hands

Spotlight on Art Gallery Maui Hands

Hawaii is not a state of mind, but a state of grace.

Maui Hands is a local Hawaiian art gallery featuring a variety of exceptional, contemporary artwork and over 300 artists, jewelers, crafters, glassblowers, and more. Maui Hands is an outstanding exhibition of distinctive Hawaiian life and culture, and it has been representing Hawaii’s fine artists for more than 20 years.
Artist Kathy McCartney painting in the Maui Hands Gallery Paia, HI
This painting is in progress should be completed soon visit to view completed metal art painting.

"Falling in Love All Over Again." by Kathy McCartney
Mixed medium etched metal, oil, acrylic paint, and clear coat
"Reflection" original oil painting on
canvas sold.  Now available in
giclee on canvas or metal by
artist Kathy McCartney 
From original fine art paintings, prints, crafty ceramics, gorgeous jewelry, and intimate woodwork, Maui Hands highlights the cultural diversity of Hawaii and the divine talent of its artists. Today’s 2016 artists include MauiVision’s very own Kathy McCartney, Derek Fine, Christine Waara, Luana Kama, and Patricia Heath, to name a few.

In June, watercolor painter Luana Kama featured her vibrant artwork at Maui Hands’ Lahaina location on Front Street. Here’s what she had to say…

“I have always loved art and did take classes throughout my life but when I got married and started to raise my family (5 boys), drawing and painting were pushed to the side. Today, Im still living in Lahaina and having a great time painting like crazy,” said Kama.

“My other interests are sewing, reading, cooking and baking, crafts, and I take classes and teach Hula.”

Maui Hands features a wide-range of artists, including fine textiles and basket artists like Ipo Kudlich and Neola Caveny. Glass artists include Daniel Moe, Shelly Batha, Jim Graper, and Steve Tillman. Maui Hands features a top-quality selection of local, talented, multi-skilled, and multimedia artists who all add extra creativity and excitement to the thriving island of Maui.

With four locations in Maui, Maui Hands knows how to impress people from all across the world with their distinct artwork. The gallery supports over hundreds of artists, potters, glassblowers, sculptors, and woodworkers, and gives Hawaiian art and culture an unique name!

Visit Maui Hands in one of their locations — Makawao, Paia, Hyatt, or Lahaina — to get a taste of their highly exceptional and lively artists and to recognize the true beauty of art. 

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Maui Nightlife: The Best Nightclubs & Venues on Maui

Maui Nightlife: The Best Nightclubs & Venues on Maui

When the sun sets in Maui, the entertainment only gets better. Dine under the stars in Wailea, dance the night away at the eccentric bars and cafes in Kihei and Lahaina, see headline entertainers perform at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center (MACC), and lose yourself to the romantic, exciting nightlife on Maui. Below are some of our favorite must-dos on the beautiful island!
Dianna Ross at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center (MACC)

Hawaii Regional Cuisine in Maui

Hawaii’s regional cuisine blends diverse, ethnic flavors from all across the globe on Maui. There are many great places to dine but for now, I will mention a few exotic, beach-front restaurants.

West Maui has The Cliff Dive Bar is encircled by the crystal blue waters of a lava-enhanced swimming pool and offers tropical specialties throughout the day. The Banyan Tree, another hot spot for dining, provides Maui’s freshest fish, meat, and produce, and features a farm-to-fork concept.  Kai Sushi, serving Maui’s most refreshing Japanese cuisines, features a lobby venue with views and is a must-see for people of all ages on Maui.

If you’re craving fresh cheeses and rich pasta, visit Casanova Italian Restaurant in charming Makawao.  They serve inventive specials in a charming, traditional Italian setting.  Enjoy life entertainment and dancing.

Humuhumunukunukuapaua’a is a romantic ocean front restaurant in South Maui located in Wailea.  The name is inspired by our Hawaii state fish.  Enjoy the South Pacific ambiance in an open air structure with Polynesian d├ęcor and thatch roof.  The restaurant floats on a lagoon filled with tropical fish all surrounded by lush tropical foliage.  If you like lobster, select your own fresh from the tank.  There are many delicious Polynesian and Hawaiian Island fish and meat entrees to choose from.

Live Music and Entertainment on Maui

 After dining, it is time for live music a must do experience at night, especially on Maui! From traditional Hawaiian and contemporary music, Maui offers a variety of music spots.

West Maui and Lahaina offer plenty of venues to enjoy, including the Hula Grill, Kimo’s, and Cheeseburger in Paradise. 

Kathy McCartney's photo.
Santana at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center (MACC)
Be sure to check out the MACC in Central Maui, Kahului, it is the island’s largest venue for concerts and theatre performances. On August 19, the MACC will be celebrating vintage Hawaiian fashion at their food and wine tasting event, and on August 21, Thompson Square will be playing live. Check them out!  

Kathy McCartney with Lucas Nelson 
Paia town is a cool place to visit.  Check out Charlie's Restaurant and Saloon with live rock n roll and blues.  Surprise celebrity performances from time to time.  Lucas Nelson performs here; his father is famous Willie Nelson.  Lucas is a great talent and when he is in town performing, his shows often sell out.

Lucas Nelson
In Kihei Three’s Bar & Grill features something new nightly:  comedy, piano, salsa, dancing, jazz night, and solo guitar.

Fleetwood’s on Front St.

Willie K. and Mick Fleetwood  at Fleetwood's on Front Street
Fleetwood’s is more than just an entertainment restaurant — it’s an art gallery meets entertainment hub meets dinner and dessert bar on Maui’s trendy, hip Front Street. The food at Fleetwood’s is to die for and the servers are top-notch, featuring a mix of specialty coconut & lime drinks and outstanding, mouth-watering meals.  I love their happy hour menu and their $1 Oysters.

Mick Fleetwood on drums at Fleetwood's on Front Street
This month, a variety of musicians will be playing including the Homeshakers, Ryan Robinson, Noa Zeb, Cole Sulenta, Paul Johnson, and many more! Every Friday, Fleetwood’s has a Late Night Happy Hour and showcases creative musical performances. Don’t miss these amazing, live shows!  

Mick Fleetwood on YourTube short clips:

We hope you enjoy all of the adventure, entertainment, and excitement that Maui has to offer! At Maui Vision Rental, we love the cultural diversity of Maui and hope to share that Aloha with YOU! :)

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