Saturday, September 19, 2009

Introduction to the Little Hawaiian Artist - Once Upon a Time....

Aloha and Hello!

I am Kathy McCartney, a tropical artist who use to live in Oahu, Hawaii. I believe I was almost 3 years old when me and my family arrived to this tropical oasis.

When you are young and your eyes are first open to the world you naturally want take in the beauty that surrounds you. I was fascinated with lights, colors, gadgets, music, voices, smells, sweet foods etc. I was blessed to first come awake into this earthly plane where heaven and earth exist this Hawaii nei (beloved Hawaii).

I have always loved things that are beautiful, and I think this true for everyone. It is a way to find peace and comfort for one's soul and we must feed our soul things that are good to keep it healthy. What you put in is what comes out. What comes out is what we share with the rest of the world. If we want world peace, we must begin with ourselves.

As humans we are attracted to the arts, be it visual, music, fine food, beautiful settings, entertainment etc. A mood and feeling is evoked in each of us when we are exposed to certain people, places, things, and any artistic creation.

I am an artist today who paints with oil on canvas tropical moods and feelings that I call McCartney Tropical Expressions. I paint because it makes me feel good to create something from seemingly nothing. To paint a picture and create effects on canvas is like being a magician. This wonderment with art has never ceased for me. Other artist have inspired me with their magic and I hope to do the same for others. This is one of the reasons I enjoy teaching art. I love to see my students be in ah when they have successful moments during their creative process. Making their painting come to life.

I am working on a educational book and DVD as well as a book sharing my personal artistic journey. I hope what I create and share will inspire, give hope, and a belief in yourself that you too can make your dreams come true.

I started a new page on my art website. It is my gallery in progress. Here you can see me form new paintings. Each day I paint be it 30 minutues or an hour or two I will take a picture and post it. It is a fascinating process and further details will be documented in my books: WORK IN PROGRESS GALLERY

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