Friday, October 30, 2009

Great Movie - Local Color

If you have a dream, and especially if you are an artist of any skill level or attracted to the beauty and wonders of art as an appreciator, then you will love this gem of a movie. I found it at Block Buster by happenstance while searching the aisles for a new movie. I have never heard of this independent film but it won many, many awards. I can see why! And hey, it is about two oil painters, one a teacher and mentor and the other a student. That sold me. Since I am a dreamer, artist, and teacher, this movie struck a chord with me on a very personal level. I had to learn more

This movie is based on writer/director George Gallo’s real life story when he himself was a young artist. Actor Trevor Morgan portrays his character.

Nicholi Seroff is a Russian representational artist, played by actor Armin Mueller-Stahl and his “want to be student” Johnny Talia is played by actor Trevor Morgan. Johnny is a young passionate artist who discovers, through his local frame shop, that this Russian master lives nearby. Johnny wants to learn from this man who he has always admired. He keeps trying to get Seroff to talk art with him but with no success. Until finally one day Seroff decides to take on this eager student.

Seroff is a gruff character on the outside who has become disenchanted with the art world. However, on the inside, this character reveals the beauty of what it is to be an artist and while he shares his life lessons with young artist John Talia he also teaches the viewer on a subtle level how to see the splendor of our world with eyes wide open.

George Gallo writes beautifully, poetically and the lines and images in this movie are sure to inspire. As an artist and teacher myself, I found this movie surprising educational.

I highly recommend this movie it is one of the best I have seen this year. I wonder if it even made it to the big screen. Sometimes the best movies do not get the recognition in this arena, but are recognized by the public after the fact and by word of mouth. These are the best treasures! This movie encompasses what I feel is hard to put into words on what it is to be human, creative, and alive. There is also a sprinkle of good humor throughout the film. The story is beautiful from start to finish.

The actors in this movie are well known. They basically worked for nothing to make this film a reality: Armin Mueller-Stahl, Trevor Morgan, Ray Liotta, Samantha Mathis, Ron Pearlman, Diana Scarwid, and Charles Durning.

This movie has real substance that will fill your soul with good heartfelt nourishment. This movie doesn’t fill the viewer’s time with an empty plot like so many violent movies out there today that leave you empty and anemic emotionally. So rent this movie and enjoy or better yet buy it for your personal movie collection. It is a keeper!

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