Thursday, November 18, 2010

Catching up on old news we moved our gallery!

Aloha my friends!

I was going to write about my recent hula show and reveal pictures of my almost complete paintings from this event. However, I was reading back through my blog and something in the past history did change that I should clarify now. Art on The Lane next to the Wild Vine - Wine and Bistro did not work out. The landlord was very challenging and unfair (I’m being delicate here and holding back on words) so both parties in the painful end decided to part ways. There is a crazy story behind that fall through, but I better not say more in this public forum.

The negotiating of our old space took several months of back and forth dealings and many artists’ hopes besides mine were raised and then crushed unfortunately. It is strange and yet funny in a sick way how one person can have so much control over many people’s lives in that brief moment of time and space. This also put my book project on hold further.

However, as I was walking away and feeling so done from having any art gallery, Barbara Davies and Joanne Robinson my original gallery partners decided to take the new space that I had found earlier but I had let got of due to all the confusion with our old land lord (she wanted us back at one point). This new space is very beautiful compared to our old space. And again it is just back to us three artists. Simple this way, no managing on my part. Our new home is in a beautiful renovated building that is reminiscent of other historical homes built in this area in the late 1800s. Down town Danville is very charming this way. A place that feels rich in beauty surrounded by rolling hills populated with wild oak trees and other native greenery and brush. I realize how luck I am to live here today. Sometimes I forget when I’m busy running around from one appointment to the next. However, when I slow down I soak it all in.

We have been at our new home since June 2010. I love our new gallery it feels and looks bright, vibrant, classy, and cheerful, our former location was old and run down and our new address is a short walk from the previous space.

Art on The Lane
178 East Prospect Avenue
Danville, CA.

We are located on the corner of Front Street and Prospect. We are more visible than our old location. We share the same building as Modi Mi clothes store. There is a Chocolate store just across the street with the best treats. I’m developing a sweet tooth for gourmet delicacies! And on the other side of our art gallery is Father Nature’s Restaurant. I love the food there as well and the historic atmosphere and the decor.

It is November 2010 and I did finally finish my first draft of my book! It is now in the hands of my editor friend for evaluation. I hope to have this book complete and ready for print and sale by March or April 2011. I have more paintings to do for this book.

Now that I am a creative artist full-time, the genie has been let out of the bottle and I have this insatiable need to create and bring forth new ideas that had been buried and untapped. I have a goal to write and illustrate a few more books including a series of children books as well as instructional how to art books.

I also caved in and set up a new Face Book Business page please check it out and "like" me:

My next blog will be about the hula show I exhibited at early November and I will post two completed paintings that I started live at this event. I’m almost done with the paintings. I am hoping Bob and Bonnie Hoffman who I exhibited with will send me some pictures to post from the event. I did not have fresh batteries in my camera and no time to get any.

A hui hou (Until we meet again)

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