Friday, September 7, 2012

Actor Nathan Rahn

My guest actor/artist is Nathan Rahn.  I met him and fellow actors at the Hitachi commercial preview produced and directed by my friend James Marlowe.  The commercial was wonderful much like a short film with lots of cool special effects and comedy.  You go James!  The entire team did an incredible job and it was nice to meet the actors and staff who participated in the creation of this production!  I plan to post additional interviews from the rest of the cast and crew in the near future.
Thank you Nathan for being the first to participate!
Question:  What inspired you to become a professional actor? When did you know and at what moment did you decide to take the plunge. 

I've always been an actor, but it wasn't until I got out of the Navy and started college that it became apparent to me. It was during my first acting class in 2000 that I realized how much I enjoyed bringing emotion to others, performing in order to inspire. However, it wasn't until 2008 that I really took acting seriously.

After graduating with a Masters in Informatics, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what was missing in my life.  I was not entirely fulfilled and yet I had a good job and great life in the Bay Area. Then it dawned on me the acting class I took years ago was one of my favorite experiences.  I had moved quickly towards a career path in psychology and computers and in this ambitious climb I had left behind that expressive part of me. I soon looked for acting classes in the Bay Area and finally found Billie Shepard. I telephoned and shared my story about the acting class I had taken years before.  She listened and told me I had always been an actor and invited me to an improvisation workshop with Alan Arkin. It was through Alan’s and also Billie’s other workshops that I made various connections that led me to the Bay Area Acting Studio and Sandy Meisner the founder of the Meisner Method who trained my acting coach Christy English. 

From there it was a whirlwind of activity.  I began auditioning for various parts, built my acting resume, and really started to understand myself and what I wanted to do with my new career. Before I knew it, I was in projects that got into film festivals and I was able to get an IMDb profile.  I was also able to do a project for which I became eligible to join the Screen Actors Guild. 

I am not content to wait and be "discovered" so I began working with other Bay Area actors and filmmakers to create films of our own and this permitted me to practice my craft as much as possible.

To learn more about Nathan Rahn visit his website and follow him on Twitter

Story submitted by Nathan Rahn

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