Thursday, July 10, 2014

McCartney Art is now at Sargent's Fine Art Gallery

I haven't posted in a while.  Too busy absorbing and experiencing this new magical Maui life. 

I'm back to art production and my work is currently at Sargent's Fine Art  Gallery in downtown Lahaina, Maui, HI.  It's a great corner location on busy historic Front Street across from Cheese Burger in Paradise! 

My mantra “take the leap of faith” led me to make the move to Maui July 2012.

I met artist Jack Nordby, May 2014.  He is known as “The Metal  Wave Guy” on Maui.  His story behind his art is beautiful!  This led him to envision then invent "The Wave Series” on metal. 

Jack's work has been on display at Sargent's Gallery for the past three years.  He was searching for months for an artist to collaborate with on a new series of art called “Beyond the Waves.”  I wanted to get back into painting and on a new substrate.  Our paths recently crossed and taking another leap of faith we began our art collaboration June 2014.

As of this writing we have our first 2 new pieces on display with ambitions to get 3 more completed before month end to show the variety of art we can create together.  It's wonderful working as a team.  I draw out the new ideas for our collaboration and we inspire one another.   

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