Friday, September 26, 2014

Art Dream Comes True on Maui!

Aloha from Maui!

Sargent's Fine Art Gallery - 802 Front Street, Lahaina
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A couple days ago it was made official!  Collaborative three dimentional art on metal is on display at Sargent's Fine Art Gallery - 802 Front Street in the heart of downtown Lahaina across the street from Cheese Burger in Paradise and the ocean.  We have eight pieces of art hanging today.  "Meet the Artist Reception" is scheduled Friday September 26, 2014 from 7pm to 9:30pm and again Friday October 10, 2014.  I will be painting for the public for both shows.  Please drop by and say aloha!  We are focused on Hawaiiana themes, tropical dreamscapes and water elements. 

"Color of Love"
Secret Beach, Wedding Beach, and
Makena Cove
This art is one of a kind, original. This art cannot be easily replicated without loosing its movement and aliveness. Come visit and see the art in person to truly "experience" the art!

"Dream On...
Until Your Dreams Come True"

I am that woman dreaming on the cloud wishing for her dreams to come true.  And here on Maui they continue to manifest!

"Brighter Days Ahead"
"Going with the Flow"
 I mentioined a couple months ago that my work was on display at Sargent's. Jack asked me to do figurative. This was also a personal goal of mine. There is a good story behind the figurative art work (I will share later in the book I am writing). Kim the Art Director was out of town and the gallery graciously hung our first two pieces while we waited for Kim to return. During this time period Jack and I created our first body of work.  Happy to say Kim accepted the new pieces.  We have many images not pictured here, visit the gallery to see more!  We have many new ideas to create in the pipeline. I am excited to be creating art on this new substrate.  Jack's skill as a metal artist combined with my tropical painting style we hope will make a big splash here on Maui and beyond. For me it is a long held dream to have my work on display in Lahaina and at Sargent's a highly visible location!  You can tell I'm excited I am writing with many exclamation marks :) 
Metal Wave Artist Jack Nordby
Tropical Expression Painter and
Metal Artist Kathy McCartney

Finally the day has arrived. Now for sales and wonderful customers to connect with to find the perfect match a happy home for our art.

All my best,
Kathy McCartney


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