Friday, September 17, 2010

There is no Other Place I’d Rather be But All Washed Up on The Shores of Kauai

I love all the Hawaiian islands for different reasons, but Kauai is my favorite.  I think for me it is because I long for solitude and this island is the least busiest and therefore more quiet. This island is the oldest in the Hawaiian chain and it has transformed into a place of complete lush greenery and jagged rock formations that can only be created with millions of years of rain and erosion shaping and chiseling this unique terrain.

I call this new painting that I completed 9/16/10 "All Washed Up on Kauai's Shores" well because there is no other place I'd rather be all washed up and renewed!

It has been awhile since I last blogged and I will try to do better going forward.  There is so much to write about, and so little time it seems.  To be more faithful to the blog process I plan to post all my NEW paintings here and write about the inspiration, process, and big or small details. 

For the past two years, I continue to teach art and for eight years work my MauiVision vacation rental business. I feel blessed that I can do both self created jobs.  I have always said if there is a will (dream) there is a way.  It is wonderful to work from home and in an art gallery painting with flexible hours. I have been building up to this day.  I am 3/4 way complete with my first book draft.  I need to stay focused and get this project done.  I have been working on it for several years just gathering material.  The hard part is to organize my thoughts and force myself to do a lot of cutting to make this book strong and interesting.  They say if your book bores you it will surely bore others.  I keep this in mind as I continue to create and edit it.  I really hope to have this project done 2010 but with anything big I have attempted my projections are usually off from my ambitious time line.  But nonetheless I will get it done!

I have been painting a lot and participating in art shows and events trying to get exposure as a new artist. I have been marketing myself for a few years now and still trying to figure out what the best strategy is to get noticed.  People recommend getting a FaceBook business page hmmmm something else to keep track of.  I don't know I'm not totally convinced it is something I should do.  As a creative person with goals I have to watch how time is spent and not spread myself too thin.

That's all folks!  At least for today!

Mahalo for visiting.

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