Sunday, October 10, 2010

Maui Beach Bum

This is a dog named “Nani” that befriended me and my boyfriend on the beach in Oahu's North Shore.

Nani means beautiful in Hawaiian. She found a coconut that had washed ashore and she was trying to tear in to it. Obviously her owners had shared the fruit with her before. My boyfriend with some effort finally was able to help her break this coconut open. Unfortunately inside there was no coconut milk it had all evaporated. Hawaii beach dogs are friendly. What a life they have!

I painted Nani in Wailea, Maui this is the background although as I said earlier we found her lounging on the beach in Oahu.   
If anyone knows the breed of this dog I am curious please share with me if you know.

I am available to do your pet commission, just drop me a line.

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