Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 11 – I feel like I’m almost done. I still need to work on the flower head lei, the hair and the whales (I just started the outlines of their bodies). If you look in the distant waters you can see the whales spouting. I will have 3 whales in all. I’ve always wanted a painting with more sea critters and I do like whales and dolphins. It is whale watching season along the California coast and as far south as Mexico and Hawaii. And after spending time in Laguna Beach this past November I feel inspired to paint the whales.

Today I spent over 2 hours working on the girls face, hands, flower head lei, skirt, hair and the beginning of the whales. I also darkened the distant ocean and created more motion in the water. I fussed over details today.

At this point I need to take a step back from the painting and get some holiday things done. It is also good to wait a few days so I can come back to the painting with fresh new eyes. I need to evaluate it and complete the last details.

I will not be posting for a short spell while, but I will return and I should have this whimsical painting done before the holidays!

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