Sunday, December 5, 2010

Rainy Day Painting Day 1

Day 1 – Dec 1st, 2010

It is the biggest canvas I have ever worked on. It is a wrap around canvas and has a 1.5" thick border. I'll paint the edges last. This canvas measures 48"x48.” It is a big square. First I have to decide what to paint, this part takes some time. There is so much I want to create! I go through my collection of pictures and clippings of inspiration to form my visual idea. I begin by coloring the white canvas a warm orange. I could have used oil paint for my base, but I used acrylic paint it covers and dries faster than oil. The rest of this painting will be done in oil paint my favorite medium. After 15 minutes, the acrylic paint dries. I do a light pencil sketch or outline of the girl on the beach. I place a piece of tape on my horizon line to separate the sky from the water. This helps keep the line as straight as possible.
Now I paint in the sky and with oil paint. I stop for the day. I have spent about an hour to get started.

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