Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4 Painting - Time for R and R

 Progress End of Day 2

Progress end of Day 3

Progress end of Day 4

Day 2 - My first day of painting (the sky) is still wet. I like that, it makes painting the clouds easier for me. As I paint the clouds in with white and a touch of burnt sienna I melt the edges into the surrounding blue sky. This also tints the white down further. The edges of my clouds become soft and wispy when the colors blend. This is the beauty of oil. I let some of the orange canvas show through the clouds so there is a warm color and glow. Today I spent about 45 minutues.

Day 3 - I paint in the foundation of my sand with a mixture of white, burnt sienna, alizarin crimson, and yellow ochre. I use more white than the other colors mentioned until I get the sand color I desire (I will lighten the sand even more so later). The ocean is a mixture of phthalo blue, phthalo green and manganese blue and some alizarin crimson. I make the upper part of the ocean very dark and as I progress down the canvas I go lighter blue / green towards the sand. I melt the sand with the water. I start adding white caps in the distant water and shape water patterns in the shallow water with light purple shadows and I use more sand color to force the sand to show through the water around my shadows. I remove the tape and paint this part of the ocean the darkest. I take my time here to keep the horizon line straight. This takes a steady hand. I painted another 2 hours. The bigger the canvas the longer it takes to paint there is much more to cover.

Day 4 - I now start painting in the girl with Ivory black and white. I create different shades of gray. The paint is still wet so I can melt the colors of my original line drawing with the new paint. I am sculpting the figure to look more three dimensional with values of light, medium, and dark. I am focusing on blending the hard lines and colors together. As I am painting the figure I am redrawing the girl. The original drawing was a bit off. I add the first layer of paint to the hula skirt (I always start darker than what I see in the photo).

In case you are wondering I don’t always prime my canvas a color I sometimes paint my picture on a white canvas directly. And when I paint people or animals I don’t always start them out in gray. I sometimes go straight in with color.

I stop for the evening. I paint almost 2 hours.

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