Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 5 Painting - Time for R and R

Progress Day 5

Day 5 - I continue to work on shaping the girl by bringing out more contrasting light and dark values. I will be adding flesh tone to her soon after the gray paint dries. I will have to wait a few days. As I continue to work on her I fin

d myself shrinking the arm and reshaping the face. I added another layer of color to the hula skirt and more design to it. I begin coloring in the flower head lei and lavender top and belt. I like to start with darker hues first and slowly bring out more light as I continue.

I darkened my water at the top of the canvas and brought this color down about the top quarter of my ocean. This is the second day on the ocean. I spent most of the time on the girl today.

I had a lot of fun tonight painting and singing. I listened to some good music while painting the Beach Boys and Beatles. I highly recommend playing music while you paint, doubles the enjoyment. I spent 2 hours creating.

Below are links to some great music

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