Monday, December 20, 2010

Painting is Finished - "Little R and R Hawaiian Style"

Day 12 and 13 – Finished! I worked on this painting two different days a total of 4 hours or close to that. When you first start a painting it feels easy, but when you get down to the final stages of editing and detailing the process of painting slows down. I feel good about this painting and so I will stop fussing over it. I want to keep it simple and whimsical. I want to bring the viewer to a place and time of relaxation and feeling good. Imagine sitting on soft warm sand in Hawaii during winter. Here is a beautiful place where it is still mild and warm with many sunny tropical days to linger. It is also a treat to see the whales vacationing and playing off the Pacific coast so close to the beach that there is no need for binoculars to view them.
The painting is still wet in some spots. In California it has been raining a lot but this morning no rain, so I took it outdoors to photograph without the flash and the glare is not noticeable on the wet parts of the painting. I will have it professionally photographed and color corrected to match the actual painting closer. The mid section of the water should be greener the photo I took does not reflect it well.

I spent 20 to 21 hours on this painting from day 1 to 13.

The painting is large 48”x48” you feel as if you could walk into the canvas. There is no need for a frame as the edge is 1.5” thick and I will paint the edge one solid color like blue or…Not sure yet. I will wire the back of the canvas so it is ready to hang. After the holidays, I will display and mark this painting for sale at Art on the Lane - 178 East Prospect Avenue - Danville, CA. The cost of this painting is $2,400 US dollars.
When this art is completely dry, I will have it photographed one more time and upload to my personal art website as well as these sites: (buy my original oil painting art on sale) (buy giclee canvas or paper prints and have the art work framed and shipped to your house) (Order Greeting Cards 5"x7")
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